10 Celebs That Totally Win at Life and at Halloween


While it’s true that celebrities have a lot more cash to spend on their Halloween costumes than the rest of us (and their personal stylist is just a phone call away), that doesn’t automatically mean their costumes are ten times better than the average mortal. In the end, it’s all about creativity and the ability to not take yourself too seriously. So Hollywood stars with a limited imagination, no matter how much cash they spend, will be just as much a walking cliché as everyone else you see dressed up as the Gangnam Style guy.

Clothes maketh man, and that includes your ridiculous Halloween outfit. It definitely tells you something about someone’s personality, creativity and sense of humor. So, when you win at Halloween, you usually win at life too. Here’s a few celebs who aren’t afraid to fly their freak flag, make fun of themselves and show off their creativity. And they’re just plain awesome in general too, proving that when you win at Halloween, you win at life in general.