10 Creepy Guys Every Girl Will Encounter in Her Lifetime


What makes a guy creepy? It’s different for everyone; one girl’s creepy guy can be another girl’s dream. What’s clear is that there are a lot of different ‘types’ or creepy guy; they each do one particular thing to make us feel uncomfortable and they usually don’t stop no matter how many hints you give them. You’re going to have to learn how to deal with these types of guys because if you’re not prepared the experience can be even more uncomfortable!

That’s what makes a guy creepy; the fact that they don’t understand what they are doing is making you feel awkward. You might find a guy staring at you from a distance, which is fine as long as he stops once you’ve noticed; it’s when he continues to stare for 10 more minutes, that’s what makes him creepy. Read on and discover the bountiful, wonderful world of creepy men; you’ll have met some of them in the past and will no doubt meet more in the future

#10 – Touchy Feely

When a guy you’ve just met starts becoming very touchy without your reciprocation, then he definitely qualifies as creepy. There is probably no feeling more awkward than when someone you don’t want touching you won’t stop touching you!

They’ll use any excuse to hug, grab, grope and touch you; their hands seem to sneak their way to places you weren’t expecting and you feel like you are being prodded and probed in some kind of experiment. Most touchy feely guys are completely harmless and are probably just being friendly, the creepy ones reveal themselves when they ignore the fact that they are making you uncomfortable. If you encounter a guy like this then don’t be shy, just move away from them; you should never be afraid to let a guy know that they are creeping you out!

#9 – Personal Space

If a guy is standing so close to you that you can not only tell what he had for breakfast, but you can also accurately predict the last time he showered, then he qualifies as creepy. Everyone likes to have their own personal space and when it’s invaded it can feel very uncomfortable. Some guys just don’t understand this, they will literally stand on your feet just to get your attention; they don’t realize that what they are doing is having the opposite effect, putting you off completely.

We’ve all been in that situation where we slowly take tiny little steps backward to regain our own bubble space, without making it blindingly obvious to the guy that he is an unwanted intruder. A great way to avoid this is to fake a cold; cough and sniff a few times, you’ll see him back away very quickly.

#8 – Arrogant

You know the type; they already think they are better than you and that you would be so lucky to even have a chance with them. These guys use their arrogance to try and make themselves look better than they actually are. They are trying to convince you that they are so amazing that you probably couldn’t do any better when, in reality, you could probably do a lot better!

They might boast about their wealth, job, strength, a high score on Candy Crush, but at the end of the day if that’s all they can talk about then they probably don’t have much else going on in their lives. Don’t let an arrogant guy try to fool you into thinking that he’s a prize catch, just walk away and let him embarrass himself.

#7 – Jealous

They say jealously is the source of many negative emotions; anger, hate, rage, depression. We all want to avoid the ‘jealous type’ when we meet a guy because it always ends in disaster and, sometimes, violence. The worst part is that you usually only discover a jealous guy once you’re already in a relationship!
What makes the jealous guy creepy is the insatiable need to know what you are doing at all times, the irrational belief that you are cheating, the relentless accusations. A little bit of jealousy is actually fine, healthy even; it shows that your other half cares about you and your relationship. What’s not cool however is when a guy refuses to believe anything you say and proceeds to try and control your life based on his irrational jealousy. Remember that a relationship filled with jealousy completely lacks trust and should be abandoned.

#6 – Older

Older men who constantly try to flirt with you even if you make it clear that their advances are not wanted are possibly the creepiest of the lot! Some girls are into older guys and that’s fine, but if your dad’s friend starts hitting on you it can get kind of creepy very quickly. Most girls are not happy to be approached by someone who could have fathered them!

The problem with some older men is that they can be so desperate for a chance with a youthful bounty that they ignore the signs that you’re not interested. Relentless flirting can become very uncomfortable and sometimes you feel like you can’t escape! Obviously you don’t want to be rude, but if an older guy starts intimidating you, or worse, tries to make you feel sorry for him, it’s time to leave!

#5 – Dirty Talker

We all know that guy who thinks he is such a smooth talker, but he’s really just a creepy dirty talker. We can all handle a bit of flirting, even from guys we don’t particularly like, but some of them just don’t know where the line is. Talking to you about your underwear or how nice your ass is looking probably isn’t appropriate unless you’ve sent some very clear signals.

If a guy is relentlessly flirting with you or sending you suggestive messages, it’s best to ignore him completely. A lot of girls may feel like they are being rude, but If he doesn’t get the message, then you may have to tell him under no certain terms that you are not interested in him, otherwise he might just think you are playing hard to get.

#4 – Staring

Have you ever caught a guys eye from across the room at a bar or coffee shop? Sometimes it’s nice, especially when you are into the guy; even if you’re not, it’s still nice to think that someone else is taking an interest. It starts to get creepy when the guy doesn’t stop staring at you, in fact, his stare becomes more intense and he starts to resemble a lion about to pounce on its prey.

This aggressive type of staring can be very discomforting; even if you turn away and try to ignore it, you can still feel him staring. Sometimes you’ll get this unstoppable urge to look back because you want to check if he’s still doing it, then you have that awkward moment when you pretend you were never looking at him in the first place.

#3 – Controlling

Everyone will meet this guy at least once in their lives; the kind of guy that will try and mould you into their perfect girl. It will be subtle at first and you may not even realize it’s happening, until your friends and family start saying “You’ve changed” at which point it’s too late!

A good sign that this is happening to you is when a guy takes you shopping and tried to help you pick your clothes. “I think this one would look better”, “No, that’s the old you, try this one”. You might think to yourself that he’s just trying to be helpful, but is he forcing the matter? If he is constantly picking out things that you would clearly never wear then be warned, he might be trying to change more than your fashion sense.

#2 – Moves Too Fast

This one is always a shame, because you clearly liked the guy to start off with but he blows it by moving way too fast. You’ve only been on a few dates, but he’s already texting you every half an hour, telling you how amazing you are and how he wants to be with you all the time. In moderation this kind of attention is great, but such a constant barrage of affection too early on is going to creep any girl out.

If a guy is making you feel uncomfortable by trying to force a relationship way too quickly, then it’s time to back off. Image how much of a nightmare such an intense relationship would be! This type of guy can quickly turn in the creepy jealous or even creepy stalker type.

#1 – Stalker

Stalkers aren’t just reserved for the rich and famous anymore; now every girl can have their very own stalker! If a guy declares his undying love for you and you reject him, that should be the end of the matter; unfortunately some guys can’t take no for an answer and you may soon find yourself with a stalker that you just can’t shake.

When I say stalker I bet you imagine him hiding in bushes as you walk down the street, or covering his face with a newspaper while he sits behind you in your local coffee shop. That’s all so 90’s, these days you can be stalked and he doesn’t even need to leave his room. Social media allows us to post our whole lives on the internet; and let’s face it, most people are making a stalkers life much easier by putting way too much info online.