10 Easter Eggs You Never Noticed in Mega Hollywood Blockbusters


#10 – Aladdin

It’s hard to talk about anything Disney without talking about hidden Mickeys – animators and imagineers have been hiding the three circles that make up Mickey’s ears since the start of the company, and this 1992 Disney animated classic is no exception. The infamous Mickey ears make a few sneaky appearances in Disney’s animated movie, including a showing during the colorful transformation of the main characters at the end of the movie. When the genies’ spell, voiced by the late Robin Williams, is broken by Aladdin, and you hit the pause button at just the right time (it takes a bit of practice), you can catch some Mickey-esque ears on Rajah the tiger. Keep your eyes open for it, and try not to laugh at the irony of a mouse appearing on the head of an animated tiger.