10 Famous Internet Shamings That Actually Ruined Peoples Lives


Have you ever wanted to be internet famous? Be careful what you wish for because there is a very fine line between internet fame and internet infamy. In the good old says vigilantes would chase criminals out of towns and villages when the local police were too inept to do it themselves; well vigilantism is back in a big way and anyone with a laptop or phone can join in! The world wide spread of social media has allowed huge online communities to become the judge, jury and executioner for anyone they deem worthy of punishment.

Internet shamings are becoming a regular occurrence, with people punishing those who have done wrong by posing evidence online and watching it go viral. The perpetrators are usually identified and harassed by thousands of people, their reputations are ruined and their lives are changed forever. The list below shows some of the most extreme examples of internet shamings that have completely ruined people’s lives forever.