10 Hollywood Hits That Almost Had Ridiculous Casting Choices


Can you picture Harry Potter’s Hagrid as anyone other than the wonderfully plump Robbie Coltrane? Or Iron man as someone other than the cheeky Robert Downy Jr? Of course not; these actors were perfect for their roles and helped to earn millions for their respective franchises – which is why it’s all the more scary to see what might have been.

Both of these iconic roles, and many others, were very nearly given to other actors that would have completely ruined them along with the treasured memories of a generation. Be warned, some of these near miss casting choices are absolutely bewildering and may lead you to wonder what the hell they were thinking. I mean, I can forgive a casting director for keeping their options open, but when you see which role they nearly gave to Macaulay Culkin, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’ve gathered 10 Hollywood hits that were almost ruined by mystifying casting choices, try and get through them all with a straight face.