10 Public UFO Sightings Seen By Large Groups of People Naysayers Still Can’t Explain


While many of us may tell people that we don’t really believe in aliens or anything supernatural and silly, the truth is that deep down we believe that there just might be a chance. How cool of a thought is it that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs for short), are zipping around the galaxy carrying aliens from another planet!? A lot of people have claimed to have seen such fantastic spacecrafts with their own eyes, but not a lot of people seem to think that they’re telling the truth.

There have certainly been some strange occurrences where more than one person has seen a UFO, including mass sightings which point towards a possible alien encounter; the government has been quick to cover these sightings up, disregarding them as nothing more than mere hoaxes, but there are some conspiracy theories out that say these sightings are evidence of something more significant.

But which UFO sightings have left experts the most perplexed? You might believe in alien life not right now, but after you see some of these actual mass sightings that have happened, you might be more inclined to accept the existence of the extraterrestrial. Here are the top 10 public UFO sightings that will make you want to phone home.