10 Public UFO Sightings Seen By Large Groups of People Naysayers Still Can’t Explain


#10 – The Kecksburg Incident

The-Kecksburg-IncidentIt was a quiet period in Pennsylvania during the 1960s, but on one particular night a small town was woken up due to the incredibly loud noises of a UFO. Kecksburg is a tiny village that is about an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, and on December 9th, 1965, many residents of the town saw a bright green light in the sky at around 6 PM; according to the witnesses, the light was streaking incredibly fast across the sky before it eventually crashed into a field.

According to one resident, the crashed light was actually an acorn shaped spacecraft that was a little larger than a car. One of the firemen of Kecksburg said that he was able to look at the craft while it was grounded, and noted that there was a strange design on the bottom. Within 15 minutes of the craft’s landing, military personnel had arrived and pushed out the locals; while some think the object was a Soviet Union satellite, the theory was never confirmed, and NASA said that the find eventually went missing. When it comes to alien spacecrafts, this egg is a tough one to crack.