10 Rare Photos of Most Famous People in the World When They Were Children


How many naked baby photos do your parents have of you? What about the photo of you smashing your face into the birthday cake? Parents have countless photos of their children as they navigate through a world of firsts, forever ensuring the memories are captured for years to come. While cute and often funny, these photos can also be a bit embarrassing especially when your parents drag the photo albums out for others to see. What could be worse? When your parents start posting them to Facebook, that’s definitely worse!

Thankfully, we are not alone. Celebrities have embarrassing childhood pictures like us and, while our pictures are likely to never make it on national television, their pictures stand a pretty good chance of being shared in tabloids and media outlets worldwide. Doesn’t that make you feel better about your mom’s “throwback Thursday” picture?

So where are these embarrassing pictures of the world’s most famous people? Who made the cut and how cute are they? We found 10 rare childhood photos of the world’s most famous people that will surely ignite a cuteness overload. Are you curious? Let’s start our list with one of the most famous women in the world!

#10 – Kate Middleton

Kate-MiddletonKate Middleton, officially known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, may actually be the most famous woman in the entire world. In an event watched around the globe, Middleton married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, in the summer of 2011.

Kate was born in Reading, England on January 9, 1982. Her father, Michael, worked as a flight dispatcher for British Airways while her mother, Carole, worked as a flight attendant for the same company. Kate spent a period of her childhood in the country of Jordan where she attended nursery school until she was four years old. Upon returning to England, Kate attended the St. Andrew’s School in Berkshire. The Middleton’s did extremely well in providing for Kate and her two sisters but were far from living the life of luxury that Kate is now in her new role as Duchess.

#9 – Mark Zuckerberg

Mark-ZuckerbergWith a net worth of $42.5 billion, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the richest people in the world. Zuckerberg attended Harvard University where he launched the social media website that would eventually become one of the most visited sites on the internet.

Mark Zuckerberg had a very normal childhood growing up in New York. Zuckerberg and his three sisters were raised just north of New York City in a Jewish household by parents Edward (a dentist) and Karen (a psychiatrist). Zuckerberg attended Ardsley High School where he was one of the biggest standouts in his class before transferring to the private Phillips Exeter Academy. With his parents encouraging him to pursue many different studies, Zuckerberg’s talents knew no limits as he learned to read and write in five languages and became the leading member of his school’s fencing team. How’s that for a Facebook “About Me” profile?

#8 – Bradley Cooper

Bradley-CooperBradley Cooper has become one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood with breakout hits such as The Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook. Cooper has also made several “World’s Sexiest Man” lists and has been nominated for an Academy Award each of the past three years.

Raised in a Catholic home, Cooper grew up in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Like many others on our list, Cooper’s parents were financially stable and provided a comfortable life for both Cooper and his sister, Holly, as his mother worked for the area’s NBC affiliate and his father was a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch. Cooper filled his high school afternoons by working for the Philadelphia Daily News and later attended Villanova University.

#7 – Kanye West

Kanye-WestAs a self-titled once-in-a-generation talent, the world knows Kanye West for not only his ego and style but also as the husband of Kim Kardashian. Oh yeah! He makes music, too! With millions of albums sold, Kanye has become a pop culture staple in the world of Hollywood.

While Kanye has become synonymous with the city of Chicago, Illinois, he was actually born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977. Kanye’s father, Ray, was a member of the Black Panthers and became one of the first African-American photographers for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Kanye’s mother also found success as a professor in Atlanta before the family moved to Chicago, where she became the head of the English department at the prestigious Chicago State University. Firmly entrenched in middle class life, the West family lived in a Chicago suburb where Kanye attended high school. Kanye also spent time in China while his mother was involved in international education before he famously became a proud “college dropout”.

#6 – Brad Pitt

Brad-PittWith five Academy Award nominations, a gorgeous wife, an incredible career and often named as one of the world’s sexiest men, Brad Pitt has been a household Hollywood name for over 20 years. Today, Brad’s fame continues thanks to his talent and, in part, for being in one of the most publicized marriages in the world with Angelina Jolie.

Coming from simple beginnings, Brad’s family moved from Oklahoma to Springfield, Missouri for a country life. Brad’s mother, Jane, worked as a school counselor while his father, William, was the head of a trucking business. Thanks to the slow pace and rural area, Brad spent much of his time outdoors, eventually attending Kickapoo High School where he was a three-sport athlete. After high school, Brad planned to attend the University of Missouri but decided to try acting instead and, as they say in Hollywood, the rest is history!

#5 – Bill Gates

Bill-GatesWhile he’s not an actor or a singer or even a politician, Bill Gates is still one of the biggest names in the world. The multi-billionaire is the co-founder of Microsoft, a company that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Gates has also been named as one of the most philanthropic people in the world after starting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Though Gates is the richest man in the world today, his life could have easily turned out much different. Born in Seattle, Washington, Gates’ father, William, was a lawyer and his mother, Mary, was a business executive, both of whom instilled a competitive nature in their children. As the only boy of three, Gates was persuaded from an early age to study law like his father. However, after beginning high school at the private Lakeside School, he received his first computer, forever changing his future and the world of technology.

#4 – Beyonce Knowles-Carter

Beyonce-Knowles-CarterWith nearly 20 years of fortune and fame, Beyonce Knowles-Carter is one of the most famous names in music, selling millions of albums as a member of Destiny’s Child and now during her solo career. Married to the popular rapper, Jay-Z, Beyonce solidified herself in music history as the two quickly became the biggest power couple in modern music.

Hailing from the city of Houston, Texas, Beyonce is the daughter of Celestine, a hairdresser and salon owner, and Matthew, a sales rep for Xerox. Recognizing their daughter’s talents early on, the couple encouraged Beyonce’s passion for singing and dancing at a very young age and enrolled her at St. Mary’s Elementary School as well as in multiple dance classes. Beyonce spent much of her childhood sweeping through talent competitions thanks to her singing ability. She even formed her first all-girls group called Girl’s Tyme with Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson.

#3 – Warren Buffett

Warren-BuffettAs the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (and countless other business ventures), Warren Buffett was listed as the world’s richest person in 2008. Thanks to his savvy business and financial skills, Warren still holds a place at the top of the list today.

Long before becoming one of the world’s richest men, Warren’s business abilities blossomed. Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1930, Warren is the son of former United States Congressman, Howard Buffett and his wife, Leila. At 12 years old, Warren’s father began a career on Capitol Hill as his son’s interest in the business world grew exponentially. Throughout his childhood and early teens, Warren started multiple businesses from selling soda bottles to bubblegum door to door. By 15 years old, Warren had his first successful business venture when he sold a company that he and friends invested in that bought and sold pinball machines. While there were only three machines, the group made over $1,000 in the process, the first taste of financial and business success that forever changed Buffett’s future.

#2 – Katy Perry

Katy-PerryYou may know her as the pop singing sensation that has taken the world by storm for over nearly a decade, or you may know her as the richest woman in pop music today. Katy Perry has had multiple number one hits on the pop charts, all while selling out concerts across the globe.

Born in 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, Katy Perry was actually born as Katheryn Hudson to Mary and Maurice, who were both pastors for the Pentecostal church. With a strict religious upbringing, Perry and her two siblings moved across the United States quite often as their parents set up new churches. With their focus more on serving others, the Hudson’s often went on welfare to pay for food for their three children, making Perry the first on our list to come from a difficult financial background. Thankfully, Perry no longer has to worry about money and can focus more on those pop vocals and her next number one hit.

#1 – Barack Obama

Barack-ObamaThe leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, was elected in 2008 and won his re-election in 2012. While he only has a little over a year left until his term as President is finished, he has certainly left a lasting impression on the country.

Despite most of his political career stemming from the state of Illinois, Barack was born in Honolulu, Hawaii after his parents had met in college only the year before. As a child, Barack lived with his grandparents in Honolulu and eventually earned a scholarship to a private college prep school in the city when he was just 11 years old. Despite his early success as a student, Barack faced many struggles because of his skin color as his father had very dark skin and his mother was very pale, making none of them look anything like true Hawaiians. Because of his struggles, Barack briefly turned to drugs and alcohol to help him cope until his focused shifted again to school and his future.