10 Weird Recurring Dreams Everyone Has at Some Point in Their Lives


#10 – Unrest Room

Unrest-RoomThe first odd recurring dream on our list is one that often involves restrooms. There are quite a few different incarnations of this dream, one of which is going into a crowded public restroom with stalls that do not have doors. That sounds more like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Usually, this weird dream symbolizes an extreme lack of privacy in your life and is most commonly experienced by new parents or teenagers with overbearing and controlling parents.

Another version of the restroom dream is the constant search for a bathroom without any luck in finding one. While it can be pretty embarrassing in your dream, it’s often a sign for your brain to wake up before you wet the bed in real life! Needless to say, you have to go when you have to go – we just hope that you wake up first!