10 Weird Recurring Dreams Everyone Has at Some Point in Their Lives

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Do you dream in color? Have you ever dreamed of flying or falling? Dreams are a lot like eyes in the fact that many consider them the “windows of the soul”. While dreams are typically meaningless, recurring dreams often show us a deeper meaning into what we are feeling at the time. These dreams are the ones that are worth looking into as they often make us jolt from deep sleep into complete utter shock and despair.

So what do these dreams mean and why do we have them? Sometimes, dreams can point out our greatest fears and weaknesses, leading us to make changes in our lives for the better. Because of this and to avoid being tortured by recurring dreams, it’s valuable to sit down and study our dreams, their triggers, and possible resolutions that can bring a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Since dreams are important to everyone’s health and well-being, we found 10 of the weirdest recurring dreams that everyone has had at some point in their lives. We’ve even gone a step further and explained the symbolism behind the dreams! Are you ready to see what your dreams mean? Let’s take a look!

#10 – Unrest Room

Unrest-RoomThe first odd recurring dream on our list is one that often involves restrooms. There are quite a few different incarnations of this dream, one of which is going into a crowded public restroom with stalls that do not have doors. That sounds more like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Usually, this weird dream symbolizes an extreme lack of privacy in your life and is most commonly experienced by new parents or teenagers with overbearing and controlling parents.

Another version of the restroom dream is the constant search for a bathroom without any luck in finding one. While it can be pretty embarrassing in your dream, it’s often a sign for your brain to wake up before you wet the bed in real life! Needless to say, you have to go when you have to go – we just hope that you wake up first!

#9 – Desperately Running

RunningHave you ever seen a hamster running in circles on his wheel? Well, once in a while, people dream that they are either moving in slow motion or are desperately running. Dreams about being paralyzed are grouped into this category as well! Typically, these dreams mean that you are facing something difficult in your life and your brain is trying to tell you that you are overwhelmed by the struggle of getting through your everyday life. Pretty deep, right?

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing these dreams, consider taking a step back and looking at what may be causing problems in your life. Since feelings of being held back and the inability to make progress are strong symbols for any circumstance, it may be time to plan a vacation before the stress gets worse. Just remember as you plan your beach getaway to save a ticket for us!

#8 – Flying High

Flying-High“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” Have you ever dreamed that you could fly through the air like a superhero, completely weightless and carefree? While it’s an odd dream especially since there’s a slim to none chance for it to come true, the dream itself actually is filled with positive symbolism. If you dream that you are flying, it means that you feel positive about your life and that you are completely free from any overbearing problems.

People who tend to dream that they can fly are those who try to achieve great things in their lives and are able to express their creativity freely to others without fear of being criticized or ignored. If, for instance, you have this dream after you receive a big promotion at work, it means you are emotionally balanced and satisfied. If that’s the case, then keep on flying, my friend!

#7 – The Chase is On

The-Chase-is-OnHave you ever dreamed that you were being chased? Whether you were being chased by someone else, a dog or something as ridiculous as a headless chicken, chase-filled dreams can be very worrisome! It’s never a pleasant feeling when someone is right behind you and trying to do you harm, which proves that these dreams are some of the most symbolic on our list.

When you dream that you are being chased, it’s typically your brain’s way of telling you that you are trying to run away from a real life problem that you are having trouble facing head-on. These problems can be anything from a bad memory from the past to a secret that you don’t want someone to find out but, either way, these dreams are not usually pleasant and their real-life counterparts are even less so! Our advice: face your problems head-on to save yourself from the trauma of a high speed dream chase!

#6 – Head Underwater

Head-UnderwaterMany people are terrified of water from the vastness of the ocean to the murky waters of a lake, which is why dreams of drowning can be even scarier than the other weird recurring dreams on our list. Despite being terrifying, dreams of drowning are quite common and can vary from drowning in a pool or larger body of water to rising flood waters or horrific waves crashing down, causing feelings of helplessness and downright fear.

Much like dreams of paralysis or running in place, dreams involving water or drowning also symbolize feelings of being overwhelmed and hopeless. Did your dream involve a massive wave? If so, this is often considered a sign of an upcoming obstacle that you are aware of but are unsure of how to handle. In other words, your brain is telling you to hurry up and grab a surfboard so you can ride this big wave out! Surf’s up, dude!

#5 – Freefalling

Freefalling“Yeah, I’m free…free fallin’!” The most common dream, followed only behind dreams of the restroom, is waking from a deep sleep in the midst of free falling. In one of the eeriest on our list, free falling dreams are scary because people often have no recollection of why they’re falling in the first place! Needless to say, falling dreams are symbolic of someone who feels as though they lack control over their life.

Have you ever felt like you have no control or say over anything that happens in your life? Do you feel like the rug was pulled out from beneath your feet? That’s exactly what this dream represents and can often be a sign that you feel abandoned by someone or some part of your life. In fact, these dreams are the most common after a hard breakup or the loss of a job, two of the most traumatic experiences a person can endure.

#4 – Dental Plan

Dental-PlanWhile you may have never had this dream, it is actually fairly common for people to dream about teeth. Does it sound too weird to be true? Typically, dental dreams involve being completely toothless or feeling a tooth moving around in your mouth after falling out. It may sound crazy but teeth can actually be an analogy for many things beyond just needing to practice better dental hygiene!

Some people say that dreams where teeth fall out actually mean that the person is having self-esteem issues while others suggest the dream symbolizes a feeling of powerlessness and a complete loss of control. Whatever the case may be, dental dreams definitely leave people waking up feeling for their teeth or reaching for their dentures!

#3 – Living in a Box

Living-in-a-BoxMany people have a rational fear of being buried alive, which is even more traumatic for people who suffer from claustrophobia! But, can you imagine this fear coming to life in your dreams? Some people often dream of being completely trapped or buried somewhere, such as a tomb or room, with four walls and no escape. Cue the panic attack, cold sweats and racing heartbeat!

While dreams of being trapped can be quite terrifying, they actually symbolize the feeling of being trapped in real life – a lack of control over a situation. People who suffer from these type of dreams typically need to reevaluate their situation to ensure that they are reaching their full potential and that they remain in control of their future! Otherwise, those walls might close in a little too quickly for comfort!

#2 – Unprepared

Unprepared“Be Prepared” is the famous Boy Scout motto but what happens if you’re not prepared at all? We have all had dreams just before the first day of school where we show up for class only to realize we forgot our homework, books, and maybe even our clothes From being unprepared to being trapped in a never ending series of hallways, these dreams can easily feel like nightmares!

Whether you’ve dreamed of being unprepared or have been endlessly trapped in a maze, the symbolism behind these dreams is quite literal and often mean that you feel completely lost and unprepared for the future. On top of this, the dreams can also be a sign that you are worried about your social standing from lacking a healthy social life among your friends and colleagues to feeling that you are not making enough money.

#1 – Flashing Out

Flashing-OutConsidered the weirdest and most common recurring dream that everyone has had at one time or another, dreams of nudity are the most talked about on television shows and in the movies. From standing in front of a giggling crowd only to realize that you are naked to not being able to find something to cover yourself up while people laugh and point, these dreams can be humiliating even when you’re asleep!

While it’s a relief to find out that it was only a dream, these dreams will often recur over and over again. Why? Being naked in front of a crowd is symbolic for your fear of being exposed to something, as if your real personality or self has not been displayed to someone, such as your significant other or your peers. Our best advice: start acting more like your real self to avoid the horror of standing in front of others in your birthday suit!

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