11 Super Awkward Family Photos That Will Make You Cringe


Remember when you were a kid, and your mother made you dress up in something nice before dragging you down to the mall on a weekend to get your photo taken? Snapping family photos certainly wasn’t a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon, especially after already having to sit through church (we all just want a day of rest as well).

Most of the time the family photos turn out pretty well, except for the combed hair and glasses that made you look more and more like a doofus as time passed. Even though everyone has taken bad family photos at one time or another, some people just don’t get very lucky and up taking a photo that will embarrass them for a lifetime; these family photo fails will hardly make it on that year’s Christmas card, but it will be burned in the back of your memory forever (until you can replace it with even more embarrassing memories of your children).

But which family photos have turned out the absolute worst? Get ready to cringe when you see some of these timeless classics: here are the top 11 super awkward family photos that are more likely to actually tear the family apart.