12 Dads Who Will Stop at Nothing to Make Their Daughters Happy


To all the girls out there: you may not appreciate your daddy as much as you should, but he sure loves the heck out of you. There are some bad dads out there, but most fathers would do anything for their little girl, even if it means going to see that certain boy band that they like or take them on a fashion spree at Hot Topic.

It’s a thing of beauty to see these dads go that extra mile in public, mustering up all of their courage and strength to face the hoards of teenage rebellion. Many brave men suffer unspeakable horrors in their pursuit of expressing their unconditional love, but how far will they go?

They may sometimes wear their sandals with socks or wear that stupid polo you hate (you know the one), but one thing is for certain: their daughters are the most important thing in their life. Let’s find out what 12 brave knights of fatherhood went through in their unwavering dedication to their offspring. Just remember at the end to pour one out for our fallen soldiers, and may their grasses be green and there be commercial-free sports on every channel. Here are 12 Dads who will stop at nothing to make their daughters happy.

#12 – Concert


For our first fallen comrade. His daughter demanded to see One Direction in concert, and this dad dug deep within and got in touch with his inner teen girl; the next two hours of his life will become hours of regret, but in the end it will all be worth it. No amount of foresight could have prepared this poor man for what he would witness. It would seem the one direction this father would be going is down, down, straight to the pits of Tartarus itself. Oh wait, that’s just a mosh pit.

#11 – Tea Time


This sir-dad was discovered playing on the porch with his young-ling daughter. The little girl wanted to add in a few shots to mix, but she’s still a bit too young to get drunk on grog.  Dad may be slightly under-dressed for the occasion, but don’t let his demeanor fool you. This dad is performing a most sacred of ritual’s known as tea time. Let it be known how this man has gained great strength and honor through his act of selflessness; this may be a day in his life, but it will be a lifetime of memories for his daughter.

#10 – More Tea


Another example the a most humbling and honorable act of tea time. Dad’s are subject to tea time more often than the Queen of England, but that is an honor they face with pride and great dignity. As his day draws to a close, nothing brings this father greater joy and than relaxing in his royal court with his princess; she has even assembled her Knights of the Plastic Basket to partake in this great feast. This is one dad who has definitely earned his seat among legends.

#9 – Photoshoot

People love to post baby photos online, but who can afford to hire a professional studio and photographer these days. With some ingenuity, know-how, and a little improvising this dad has perfected the art of camouflage. An assist from dad’s belly and it’s snooze-ville for this little one. I imagine this baby feels like she’s sleeping on a cloud. This is truly one of this proud father’s finest hour, and the lengths he will go to appease his family are limitless. Godspeed you magnificent man.

#8 – Porta John

Some warriors are truly willing to do anything to appease their young, and this man is truly as strong as the mightiest Silverback. Something may be amiss with his silver lining, but every dad must earn his stripes through the greatest of adversities. At least this father is enjoying a nice day out and some ice cream, even if his day might not be as great as his darling daughter’s. Just remember these sage words of wisdom: don’t eat the yellow snow, or in this case, the ice cream.

#7 – Tent Dweller


Tea time doesn’t have to be in a comfortable venue like your living room or in the finest of dining halls, in the most lavish of castles. Some fathers enjoy their ritual in the most humble of abodes. As long as their daughter is there, anywhere is a man’s castle, but I’m not sure where he exactly found his crown. Although this domicile should probably be relocated because I’ve heard the floor can turn into lava at a moment’s notice! Such a noble sacrifice for a worthy cause.

#6 – Drawing Board


The human tapestry. A bold recollection of tales untold. Mystifying adventures of wonder an amazement. Or just another day at the beach for this dad. It can be hard to entertain your children, and this man is literally putting his body on the line for his daughter’s entertainment. Well, if you’re going for a dip, you might as well allow yourself to be drawn upon. There’s always a possibly that these marks could become permanent, but that would just be another sacrifice in the “dad book.” A grand tapestry it would be, indeed.

#5 – Elsa

We now get to into the cosplay section of our parenting aficionados. This lumberjack-princess was willing to dress up as Elsa from “Frozen” to gain the adoration of his own little princess. There’s a faint hint of disappointment in both of their eyes; as if they had confronted something they just couldn’t let go. This  daughter can at least be sure her father truly loves her. No doubt they have been on quite the interesting journey to end up here. Ironically, this probably won’t be the strangest sight this subway will even see today.

#4 – Leia

It’s great when your daughter wants to be a “Star Wars” character, and even better when they want to be the greatest bounty hunter of all time, Han Solo, and it would seem the only downside is that you may have to be Princess Leia. We’re glad it wasn’t the abomination, Jar Jar Binks, but why couldn’t it have been Chewie? I’ll tell you why! There is nary an acceptable beard on this dad’s face of pure jubilation! But another question yet remains unanswered: who shot first? Solo or Leia?

#3 – Wonder Man

Wonder Man
Wonder Woman doesn’t need a sidekick, but every daughter needs a good dad, and that’s just what this one has. This awesome dad sure knows how to cosplay, but his daughter seems dissatisfied. You never know just how good you have it until you’re older, then, and only then, can you truly appreciate the sacrifices these warriors have undergone to cherish their child. I wonder if they even know that Wonder-Man is Marvel? Not that simple boundaries of copyright can stand between this dad, and his daughter!

#2 – Big Bad Wolf

You’d assume most girls would want to be Little Red Riding Hood, but this girl get’s to be the Little Happy Wolf. As much as I’d like to commend the father on his bravery, didn’t he read the book? Apparently, this wold has already eaten the grandmother, and there’s no axe-man in sight! Run noble dad, for she is no longer your daughter, but a beast with long, sharp claws and fangs! Or it’s just an adorable day out for a loving family. Decisions, decisions.

#1 – Swinging


In the last of our noble knight’s quests, we see a man putting his body to the absolute test as a human carnival of fun and whimsy. If you live in a secluded area or don’t have much yard space of your own, why not become an actual playground. This dad decided to improvise a swing for his daughter by breaking three of his own vertebrae! This stands as a true testament of whatever these fathers can do to make their daughters happy, they definitely will.