12 “Then Vs. Now” Moments That Hit the Nail on the Head


Are you one of those people that still believes 1995 was 10 years ago? Unfortunately for all those stuck in the past, it’s been 20 years now since OJ Simpson was found innocent. It can be hard to remember what times were like back in your childhood compared to the present; a lot has changed since the days of our youth, and some of it will be pretty hard to wrap your head around. It’s hard to imagine just how far humans have progressed.

Take a look at your phone; 20 years ago you couldn’t even imagine having the internet in your pocket, and now you have that and so much more. You have a full library of knowledge in the palm of your hand, and we use it to see how things once were. Take a look at what has changed over the past two decades or so, and wow yourself with these 12 “Then vs. Now” moments that really hit the nail on the head.

#12 – Family Photos

Apparently, taking a family photo back in the 90s would consist of you dressing like your mother and sisters, while posing like a backup dancer in a cheesy Vanilla Ice video. While the thought of taking pictures to chronicle your progression as a family is admirable, you would think you would choose more fashion forward accessories to do it, but time is a cruel mistress, and makes fools of us all. At least they all don’t have the same hair style anymore; that was weird.

#11 – Portable Music

In the 90s, everyone had to have the biggest and best audio player, and you would pair it with one of those teeny, tiny, scratchy headsets that barely covered your ears. Now the times have changed, and mp3’s are small, and headphones are large: very large, in fact. Imagine if in 20 more years the audio player is a tiny built-in microchip, and we are all dumb enough to have massive headphones the size of boom boxes; on second thought, that sounds pretty awesome actually.

#10 – Storage

The very first storage devices were a massive undertaking, spanning entire rooms all for a meager 5 megs. Could you imagine trying to store your music on the first IBM’s? Back in the 1950s you had to airlift your removable storage due to its massive size, and if you think that’s ridiculous, you should have seen the monitor. They really should get to work on commercial, wall spanning monitors. I want to see every pixel as I miss a jump and fall into a pit, plummeting to my virtual death.

#9 – Stalking

Thanks to the internet, people don’t even have to follow you in person anymore! E-stalking: 100% of the creep factor and twice the efficiency! Back in my day, you had to actually find out someone’s address, phone number, and favorite hobbies, but nowadays, everyone posts all that information for free! When we need security the most, we are truly our own worst enemy. It’s just as the movies of the 90s taught us: technology is completely evil and will invade our lives, destroying everything that we own.

#8 – TV/People

Can you believe there was a time when there wasn’t even any television? Now all we worry about is definition and color quality. I think this picture definitely sums up our shift in priorities. Televisions have gotten smaller as the years have gone by, but the people sure have blimped up! Shows are well produced and the general populace is eating it up, but high definition must have a high calorie count, and even if it did no one would ever care. Does a vegetarian just watch paint dry?

#7 – Games

There was a time that playing outside until the sun went down was the only hobby kids had, and even trying to find extra light was a pastime, but now you can have all that old sporty fun without your ball landing near a haunted house. Although sports games do allow us to take on the roles of our greatest idols, they don’t quite have the same feeling as grass between your toes. Every time I ever went outside barefoot I just got my feet eaten alive by ants, so maybe this is a better alternative.

#6 – Texting

Yet another wonder of the 90s was the invention of the cell phone which is an amazing device that changed how we live our lives. We could call or receive our friends’ messages at anytime, anywhere with the glorious new-age tech of a cell phone. It’s amazing how cell phones were always able to call and text, but we hated pushing so many buttons that no one ever really cared too, but now everyone has forgotten that phone calls even exist, and most of us get by with a text every now and again. I can’t wait until we begin changing our vernacular to shorthand: like hello to hi. Could you imagine? What a hoot, old ‘guv!

#5 – Birthdays

I remember back in my youth, when birthday parties were massive grand affairs, presents would line the walls, and cake would cover the table. These days my birthdays are a reminder that the good ol’ days are gone, and although they used to be a fun time to celebrate your life with friends and family, now most people just spend it at home on Facebook. Maybe someone will surprise you and feed your pigs on Farmville, or if you have been extra, extra special, they will give you one whole like!

#4 – Gaming

Have you ever wished you never had to try in video games? Tired of playing the game itself? Want everything now, instead of a sense of adventure and accomplishment? For only $4.99 a month we can sell you real video game content, that used to be shipped with the product, and for only $10 more, we will maybe actually include the game in the box! Who knows what you get with video games these days, but one thing’s for certain: whatever you buy, someone somewhere wants you not to own it.

#3 – Schooling

Receiving an education is one of the most rewarding things in America’s culture. We may not have the best educational system, but by gum, we have one. Public schools have shifted from for the student, to for the profit. School these days is a little different than how it was in the 90s. Getting bad grades 20 years ago would have spelled your immediate scholastic demise, but today’s standards punish the teacher more so than the student because we all know its Ms. Wilson’s fault your son is a jackass.

#2 – Sleeping

Remember the days of yore when you could run on one can of Mountain Dew and some pixie sticks and be completely wired for the night? When you were a kid you could probably run on two hours of sleep without a hitch, and now that you’re an adult all you want to do is sleep! Adulthood may come with exhaustion, but at least we don’t have a curfew. Who are we kidding? We’ll sleep whenever we can, but unfortunately work gets in the way of some Z’s. At least adults have their own money; whatever is left of it anyway.

#1 – Cell Phones

These days, top of the line cell phones are as precious as diamonds, and as tough as paper. During the 90s, the Nokia “brick” was so durable and powerful, that if the FBI knew you had one, then George W. Bush would invade your home searching for weapons of mass destruction. As the cost of phones go up, durability goes down. Phones of the future will eventually be so flimsy that they crack if you carry them in your back pocket, and the future is now!