16 Life Threatening Selfies Gone Terribly Wrong


People everywhere are obsessed with selfies, in fact there are even competitions to see who could take the best one. For some selfie takers, it’s an art form, and even Kim Kardashian is planning on releasing a photo book titled, “#SELFIE,” that serves as a gallery of the self photos. It’s an annoying trend of modern society, but we’d be liars if we said we never did it ourselves. The worst part about selfies has to be that people call pretty much every picture a selfie if it includes them, regardless if there are other people in the picture or not.

Then there are those who are so dedicated to taking the perfect selfie that they put their lives in danger; some ended so badly that they made the news, and others ended even worse: with their deaths. Why would someone risk their lives for a picture? For their 15 minutes of fame of course. Here are 16 selfies that started out innocent and ended up going terribly wrong–all for the sake of internet stardom.

#16 – James Crowlett

James was on his honeymoon and was about to fly back home when he decided to go for a swim in the ocean. We all know of the dangers that lie in the deep, but no one seemed to tell James of what he might face; all he wanted was to take a quick selfie so he could show off to his friends. Unfortunately the shark behind Crowlett didn’t take too kindly to the unsolicited photograph. Someone really should have told him that fish are food, not friends.

#15 – Justine from Perth, Australia

When people are traveling, it’s normal for them to take a few selfies at tourist spots, or with animals that can’t be found in their home countries. Justine was on a trip with her boyfriend when she decided to take a selfie with a rather rambunctious camel. Unfortunately for Justine, the camel was having none of it, and bit her on the face. Several stitches later, Justine learned a hard lesson that camels don’t just spit. This will probably be the last time Justine takes a selfie with an animal, if she still wants to have a “self” to take the photo for.

#14 – “Daredevil” man from Australia

This unnamed man has been called a “daredevil” by netizens after attempting to take a selfie with a tornado in the Australian outback; realizing that a selfie far from the tornado wasn’t interesting enough, he thought that running towards it might garner a better photo op. Thankfully this “daredevil” managed to escape with his life intact and came out with a selfie that blew us away. Let’s hope that there isn’t a next time for this regular Evel Knievel or “daredevil” might not just be blind.

#13 – Lee Jia Yao

This haunting photo was taken just before 18 year old Lee Jia Yao jumped to her tragic death; she posted it on Instagram, and captioned it with an explanation of why she wants to commit suicide, promising that she will haunt the man that broke her heart. I feel truly bad for the guy that broke this poor girl’s heart, I’ve seen enough ghost moves to see how this kind of thing plays out. Let’s hope that Jia Yao finds the peace that she deserves, and there’s no movie made about this terrible event.

#12 – Bear Selfies

Bear Selfies
A new dangerous selfie craze is getting popular among teens; it involves taking photos with bears in the background (as if American teenagers couldn’t get any dumber), and the situation got so alarming that the US Forest Service issued a plea for people to stop taking photos with wild animals, as this could possibly endanger their lives. The US Forest Service also suggested that if you decide against their initial advice, you should at least bring a picnic basket as a peace offering.

#11 – Courtney Sanford

One of the most dangerous things you can do on the road is distract yourself. Courtney was having fun in her car while driving along I-85, and enjoying the song “Happy,” when she decided to post a selfie on her Facebook; the caption said “The happy song makes me HAPPY.” Moments later after posting her message to Facebook her car crashed, and killed her instantly. Now, it will be a long time before anyone’s happy in her life. Let this article be a startling lesson: please don’t text and drive.

#10 – Persian Girls

The two Iranian girls who crashed while recording a music video as they drove have sparked a spate of copycat videos making fun of their stupidity. The video of the two attractive young women, one blonde and one dark-haired, shows them driving with no hands on the steering wheel. The driver is making a heart with her hands while her blond pal grins into the camera, both not watching the road as they dance to the song "Ghorboni" by Saeed Shayesteh xxxwho?xxx. A second later, they crash, and an airbag can be seen activating over the camera before the film ends. The two girls, however, survived, and after enquiries from all over the world have uploaded a selfie from their hospital beds, where they now rest together, to show they are fine. The failure to see the fact that it is it concern but amazement at their foolishness, many internet users have created spoof copies of the stunt.

These two Persian women were taking a video of themselves while singing along to a song on the radio while driving in their car, and to the surprise of no one, their car crashed during their sing-along. Not learning their lesson from the accident that they were just in, these women managed to take a selfie of themselves in the hospital with their injuries. There must be some sort of steel or something in their scarves because how else could these girls be so hard headed!

#9 – Gary and Petra Slok

There’s nothing wrong with this photo, but it was taken prior to the take off of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, that was shot down by a missile while flying over Ukrainian airspace on July 17 2014. The impact from the weapon killed all the passengers and pilots aboard the airplane. This photo is a beautiful memory trapped in time, and should be remembered for how precious and tragically short life can be. This is definitely a selfie gone horribly wrong, and the events afterward should have never happened.

#8 – Oscar Reyes

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your house, and countless statistics over the years have proven just how careful you should be in there. Oscar was trying to take a funny selfie of himself wearing a Spongebob costume while standing on the knob of his door, but before he could get down safely, he slipped and hit his head on the floor which resulted in him dying from blood loss. Please remember people to try and selfie responsibly, and please be careful in how you pose.

#7 – Oscar Otero Aguilar

Oscar Otero Aguilar tried to pose with a live gun to take a selfie and shot himself in the head. A young Mexican vet’s desire to take ever more impressive selfies caused his death when he tried to pose with a live gun ñ and shot himself in the head. Twenty-one-year-old Oscar Otero Aguilar from the capital Mexico City had been snapped in images posted on his Facebook page, which had now been taken down, in front of fast cars, sitting on expensive motorbikes, hugging beautiful women and even posing in a band. But the man’s endless search for the most impressive photo ended when he borrowed a gun and decided to take some snaps on his mobile phone as he waved it around. The alarm was raised by his neighbour Manfredo Paez Paez, 57, who told local media: "I heard a gunshot, and then I heard somebody screaming and realised somebody had been hurt. I called the police straight away and when they arrived they found that he was still alive." Medics were quickly called out but the young man died on the way to hospital in an ambulance. Police who questioned those who were in the flat when the accident happened said that he had been messing around with the gun and taking pictures when it accidentally went off. They said that they believed the young man had not realised there was a bullet in the gun when it had been handed to him. According to the dead man’s Facebook page, he worked as a vet in a pet shop looking after the animals.

In July 2014, Oscar Otero Aguilar was drinking with two of his pals in Mexico when he attempted to take a selfie with a gun he thought was empty; he waved the weapon around, accidentally setting it off, and shot himself in his forehead: instantly killing him. Gun safety laws unfortunately can’t stop someone from being extremely irresponsible, and you should always check your weapon for loaded ammunition. Oscar was just trying to take a cool selfie and then… awe, shoot: tragedy.

#6 – Colette Moreno

Colette Moreno was on her way to a pre-wedding party with her friend, when the two friends commemorated the day by taking a selfie in the car. A few moments after Moreno took this selfie, an oncoming truck crashed into theirs: instantly killing the bride-to-be, and leaving her friend with only minor injuries; this horrible tragedy seems like something that would happen in a modern Game of Thrones, but unfortunately it was all too real. Our condolences to all those involved.

#5 – Jadiel

Jadiel was a popular Latino reggaeton musician that died after crashing his bike while in Rochester, New York. Mere hours before his death he posted a photo on his Instagram of him seemingly prepping himself for a day on his bike. Always remember that it’s safety first, and then the selfie, as mixing the two up can have lethal consequences. Jadiel wasn’t even taking this picture while driving, but it’s harrowing how quickly life can be stolen from you, hours after your loved ones see your update: it’s as if you chronicled your entire life, up until the bitter end.

#4 – Xenia Ignatyeva

The craze of taking highly dangerous selfies extends to far beyond the United States, and unfortunately, many countries across the globe have young men and women recklessly endangering themselves for a chance at recognition from their peers. Xenia Ignatyeva wanted to impress her friends by taking a selfie on top of a bridge that’s a staggering 28-feet off the ground; she managed to take the photo, but unfortunately fell to her death on a live electrical wire after she lost her balance. Ignatyeva may have got the fame she wanted, but at the ultimate price.

#3 – Unknown Man in Spain

The Running of the Bulls in Spain attracts a lot of tourists every year, and most people are satisfied enough by taking photos far away from the chaos, but there are those who won’t stop until they’ve taken a proper selfie with the bulls running behind them. This crazed man took a selfie AND wore a bright red shirt?! This guy has the balls of a bull! Thank goodness this wasn’t an episode of Star Trek, or this poor sap would have probably been gored, then disintegrated by a plasma beam.

#2 – Kelly Nash

Always be aware of your surroundings, and especially when your surroundings are a bunch of balls traveling at speeds upwards of 90 miles an hour! Kelly was posting a nice selfie of herself at a baseball game, and didn’t realize that her head almost got hit by a baseball flying at full speed. Thankfully the ball missed her head by mere inches. This is one case of where you don’t want to be anywhere near a foul ball. In this game of baseball, nobody is safe!

#1 – Jared Frank

Here’s an example of why you shouldn’t take selfies in the middle of a train track. Jared Frank wanted a photo of him taken on the tracks of Peru Rail, and while Jared was taking the photo, a train sped past him with the conductor accidentally kicking him the face during the process. Jared was relatively unharmed, but he certainly got a kick in the right direction. Jared is just lucky that he only got kicked in the face, although I think that conductor was actually saving his life, and trying to move him from the tracks. I guess sometimes a swift kick in the neck really is just what you need!