20 Hilarious Flyers That Were Put Up By Comedic Geniuses


Flyers are really helpful for everyone; people who want to advertise their services use them to find potential clients, and people who are looking for missing pets, friends, or family use it as well. However, due to the advent of ever-growing technology and the quick sharing of almost everything on the Internet, fliers are getting a bit obsolete. What will we do with all this space? There are literally thousands of wooden lamp posts going unused!

Thankfully, some comedic geniuses have put their talents to good use and are now utilizing fliers to give everyone a good laugh. Ranging from the incredibly clever “lost and found” ads, do jokes regarding where the flyers are placed, these flyers are bound to give you the giggles. Here are the top 20 examples of hilarious fliers, and why sometimes humor is better if used with an old-school method of spreading the word; you heard it here first, the next big thing will be writing jokes on carrier pigeons.

#20 – Died from dysentery because of Oregon Trail? Then maybe you should try Los Angeles Street Crossing!

If you grew up in the 90s, up to maybe even the early 00s, you’ll distinctly remember playing Oregon Trail on a school computer. This flier put a twist on the popular game, and turned it into something that the LA people can relate to. The possibilities of the game are endless, this modern choose your own adventure could lead you to anywhere in the world! Unfortunately, however, just like in Oregon Trail, it’ll most likely end with you dying painfully and unexpectedly from dysentery.

#19 – How can one prove that they own that chicken?


What’s that chicken doing on a street corner, trying to catch a ride? Don’t get me wrong, but I think that this chicken might be, uhm, selling “eggs” to Richard and John Doe. They probably took the chicken assuming it was lost, but that owner is going to be pissed when they find out their hen hasn’t been making enough feed. Darn humans are always meddling in affairs they don’t understand! This owner better hurry up before this clucky vixen winds up in a white and red bucket.

#18 – Caroline went old school for her writing/editing business. But then again, which of them is Caroline?!

I’m betting that the cat actually wrote this; if they could talk or write, cats would probably have the most impeccable grammar, and also the fanciest, most posh, English accent. Then again, cats already think they are better than humans in almost EVERYTHING, so it’s no wonder they’re running their own businesses now. This flyer is the start of a downward spiral, pretty soon cats all over will be editing papers for catnip, and it won’t be long before they have to showing up at anonymous meetings run by other felines.

#17 – So maybe it’s time to lay off the hair gel.

I need this flier in my life. I mean how hard is it to just compliment my hair, I think it’s pretty darn fashionable (and I’m the only one)! My hair’s biggest enemy is usually some element of the weather, and almost every time I step outside it’s like the perfect storm is bearing down on me. I end up having to wear a hat, and even less people are complimenting hats these days. I’m telling you guys: it’s hard out there for a diva!


The worst thing about pigeons is that they don’t give a damn about you. Pigeons will swarm all over the ground and eat your meager gift of bread, and then proceed to walk wherever they please because they think they’re the real boss of the park. Pigeons should be feared in numbers: there’s nowhere to run, and there is nowhere to hide. They. Are. Everywhere. They don’t know who you are, they don’t know what you want, but they will find you, and they will poop on you!

#15 – Well, thank God I haven’t encountered any of them yet.

At this point in my life I expect a ninja is out to get me, and for some reason is hell bent on slitting my throat; no matter where I go I am constantly looking behind me and checking around corners: even when I’m driving I look in the rear view to see if that old lady is actually a trained assassin looking for an opening. Everything has been going too well, things are simply too quiet, and my hair is looking too good… but so far I haven’t heard a peep, and that’s probably all I will ever hear.

#14 – Yes, I actually was looking for you, Lionel Richie.

Oh Lionel Richie, I may love your music you but you are certainly not who I was looking for. Your career hasn’t be all that lately and personally I’d rather see a slightly bigger star. I can see it in your eyes that you’re a little disappointed, but trust me so am I. Could you do me a favor and point me to the nearest burrito place? I’m a little hungry and was kind of hoping to see at least one attraction while I was here.

#13 – Well, seeing that these birds are everywhere, you might have to be more specific.

Maybe you should ask the person who posted the flier from #5, they seem to know a lot about the hot spots where these birds socialize. I can’t help you, mate: I have had a crippling fear of birds that swarm in parks ever since I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s classic piece of cinema. Listen here Jeff, I know this is hard but you can’t have love without loss; your feathered friend is off to experience his life with other people, specifically those who have food.

#12 – But what if life is actually a woman?

I really don’t want to take life by the balls, because I don’t want life to be angry with me. I’m not exactly an advocate of Karma, but I know if someone grabbed me by the balls I may have a sharpened word or two for them (after I got off my knees). How about instead I take out for a nice candlelit dinner, and we share stories while indulging in some pasta. Messing with life’s balls seems like a good way to lose your life.

#11 – TMI, brother. Happy for you, but we didn’t need to know that.

You should enjoy it while you can: if other girls see this, then your first time might well end up being your last. I think we all have had that smile on our faces at one point or another, but we didn’t shout it out to the world (even if we wanted to). But seriously man, if you’re going to put yourself in a public space for the entire world to see, you should probably cut your hair or dress up… it’s hard to make a good first impression when you look like you have a calcium deficiency.

#10 – You can keep him, Paul.

Return him back to your garden and pretend that you never even laid eyes on it, Paul. That animal doesn’t look like any kind of cat I’ve ever seen, and I’ve dated some serious cat lovers, Paul. That doesn’t even look like some kind of wild and exotic freakin’ jungle cat, Paul. Trust me on this one, Paul, you’re going to regret letting this little guy hang around you; get rid of it before it ruins your life, Paul! Run for your life, Paul! PAAAAUUUL!

#9 – Is he training to become the fifth Ninja Turtle?

Relax, he’s probably just training in the sewers with master Splinter. The world needs a fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, so don’t expect him to be coming home any time soon unless you start leaving a trail of pizza lying out. Just wait for you little hard shell buddy to appear on the news, I’m sure it won’t take very long. As for your nunchuks, you might as well go ahead and buy a new pair of them: he’ll need them to save New York City.

#8 – Do you like having internal organs? If not, then you should join them! Drinks are free!

On the plus side, if this does turn out to be some kind of sick and demented organ harvesting scam, then you won’t have to worry about damaging your liver from all of the free drinks you’ll be getting. I mean how much do you really need your kidneys anyways? This deal seems like a win-win to me, as a matter of fact go tell all of your friends about the study and bring the lot of them with you. What could possibly go wrong?

#7 – What kind of sadist did this?!

The reason this octopus looks so sad is because people don’t want it to have legs, and that’s good thinking! The Octopus has hated our kind for several generations and they’re just waiting for the opportunity to strike! A “Good Samaritan” decided to improvise, and administer a prosthetic leg to the poor cephalopod, but they don’t realize the potential dangers they may have just created. The Octopus Army may recognize your kindness in the upcoming war, but you should never forget where your true allegiance lies.

#6 – I was feeling lost until I saw this cat.

My life was a little bit worse before I saw this flier. It would’ve been better if they had put “I have meow!” instead of “I have now!” but that’s why I get paid the big bucks. Look kid, the next time you want to take a crack at silly flier jokes you need to consult the boss: I come packed with 50 CC pun cannons that will fire out claw-some jokes faster than you can sing the Meow-mix ditty. Think you can do better? Paw-lease, you’ve got to be kitten me.

#5 – Costumes and laser death rays?! Sign me up!

If I had a rad costume and a laser death ray, I think I might be able to dodge a messy death. The problem is that you all haven’t been thinking big enough! This death ray is the start of something new, and beautiful: a world ruled under a single evil genius. Who needs monetary pay when there is reward enough in the changes you’re making in the world. Besides when we’re all done taking over the world, money won’t really have a purpose anyways.

#4 – Thanks, I needed a strip of paper to discard my gum.

Oh damn, one strip of paper is definitely not enough for me to place my chewing gum in, they probably won’t mind if I take just one extra, right? Everyone should be aware of this person’s immense generosity; in fact I think some flyers should be put up directing people to the giveaway. I don’t how they can afford to just be handing these things out, where are they getting the funding? And why have so little been taken? These day people don’t know a hot deal when they see it.


You never mess with the dog, man! Everybody knows that humans are fair game but only some kind of monster would eat the dog. Of course they didn’t include contact information on the flier, the owner was probably none too happy to find out their little Fido had been mixed into some beef stew, they could have at least shared! I’ve know a couple people in my time that have tried dog meat but they said that it wasn’t very good… it was a bit ruff.

#2 – Well, now I’ve seen it.

I may have seen the flier, but I don’t think that it made much of a difference. The flier must be in a pretty isolated spot to only have that many “yes” tabs, and as a scientifically minded person they probably need a better system for finding out how many people saw their flier. What do they do when they run out of tabs? How can you verify how many tabs one person took? This experiment is flawed, and the mystery of whether people have seen the flier will continue to go on until proper steps are taken.

#1 – I think he ran away because he wants to seek revenge.

Maximus Decimus Meridius is long gone; he is too busy slaying the people responsible for the horrendous deed of murdering his wife and child. The culprits responsible for hurting this furry friend are going to face a fate worse than death, because he’s coming with enough pellets to take out an army; he’s been doing cardio in his wheel training for this moment for years. You may think this guinea pig is cute, but he only acts cute to get to close to you, to find out what you know, and to strike when you are at your weakest.