Blood-Chilling: 14 Insanely Creepy Dolls No Kid Should Ever Own


Dolls are one of the few of the original staples that are left in the toy world; pretty much every little girl grew up with a doll, but the ones that are made these days are so high quality they almost look real. Dolls have greatly changed over time, they look friendly and fun now but a few years ago they looked absolutely horrifying; these toys may have been comforting then, but they were built at a time when fairy tales ended with kids getting eaten. If you take a look back to the time when dollars were commonly made out of painted porcelain, you’ll quickly find that most of them look like something out of a nightmare.

Old dolls don’t particularly age well, so it’s rather common to find one that looks like it’s in need of some new parts (just be sure it doesn’t try to take them forcibly). . Thankfully, since the quality of dolls has gone up the creepiness as gone down, but those terrifying toys are still out there somewhere, usually kept as artifacts or mementos of fond memories. But which dolls are the creepiest of all time? Here are the top 14 insanely creepy dolls that should immediately be cast into fires of Mt. Doom.

#14 – HOLD ME

If you were to put a normal head on this doll, then it would almost look completely normal, instead you have a doll which looks like it wants to give you the last hug you’ll ever get; once you get past the strange hairstyle (which seems to be receding badly), and you ignore the right eye that’s rolling around possessed, you got yourself a grade A friend. No matter where you are in the room, this doll will always look like it’s watching your every step, and honestly It probably is.

#13 – Sail

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give your child a doll with a legitimate job like a Navy sailor, but you probably don’t want to pick one that looks like it’s sailing on a ghost ship. There’s actually a creepy back story to this terrifying doll named Robert: he was given as a gift by someone who performs black magic (with friends like those, who needs enemies?); legend has it that Robert can be seen moving from room to room through windows from outside the house, and is supposedly an attempted murderer trapped in the body of a doll: just the kind of thing I want lounging around my house.

#12 – Open Up

Some people might look at this doll and be creeped out from just its face alone, but stitching on a weird old family photography has only exacerbated its level of creepiness! The doll’s bald head and sinister, knowing expression, makes it look like it just isn’t very happy with how you’ve been acting recently. I’m hoping that this doll wasn’t custom made to look like the baby portrait, because I’ll be honest, I don’t care if grandma made the dang thing, I’m getting money back pronto.

#11 – The Wanderer

Do you remember the horror movie, “Annabelle,” or the sketchy doll from “The Conjuring?” Both stories were actually based on the ‘true’ tale of this doll (which fortunately looks nothing like its movie counterpart). The owner of this doll claimed that it would move around from room to room, and that it would sometimes scribble messages onto paper; I’m not sure what a doll like this would have to say but I very highly doubt it’s something along the lines of “hey pal, how are you doing today?” This doll looks like Raggedy Ann if she got addicted to meth and murder!

#10 – Pumpkin

We’re not sure if this doll is supposed to be a human that was disfigured as a result of nuclear war, or an extra from the classic movie “Freaks,” but either way I think I’ll sleep in my car. This doll just gives us the creeps big time. The combination of its wandering eyes that are going in two different directions, its strange moles growing around its mouth, and its bald head with what appears to be a pumpkin handle coming out of it, are all going to keep me awake for sure. This doll look looks like the kind of toy you donate to Good Will just to find it back in your guest room the next night, screw that!

#9 – Death Stare

The eyes alone on this doll is enough to send shivers down your spine; originally this doll’s eyes actually used to be blue, but the owner says that they turned green over time despite not being exposed to direct light. This doll (named Amelia) was being sold on eBay at one point (but who in their right mind would bid?), and the owner also made claims that it would stand out in the hallway and giggle, and had unbelievably waved at him at one point, which further proves this isn’t the kind of toy you want in your collection. This doll is so evil that it probably made its owner still charge the buyer for the cost of shipping and handling to get rid of it.

#8 – Severed

Ah yes, my favorite brand of doll to ever been released, the doll head…series. Even though this monstrosity has lost its body, it doesn’t appear to be all that upset about it. This doll’s strange grin is nothing compared to its eyes which have transformed from a calming white to an almost toxic shade of yellowish green. The silver lining to this doll is that if ever actually does become possessed you don’t have to worry about it chasing you down. This thing might try to take you out at the kneecaps, but one solid kick should buy you enough time to get the heck out of there.

#7 – Tight Lipped

Although it may look like this doll is more cherubic and bored than creepy at first glance, you would never want to have this little creature in your house! This doll goes by the name of “Caroline” and was bought in the same city as the witch hunts of Salem. Caroline hasn’t been seen in over a decade, and previous owners of the doll have told accounts that she would whisper to you if you held her close enough: which begs the question of why you would ever hold this doll close; don’t you ever watch horror movies?

#6 – Double Trouble

Where do we even start with this one, or should we day two? The doll in the front looks as though it has been through some tough times, and has a forehead big enough to make Peyton Manning feel a bit better about himself. Then you get to the doll in the back and start to feel a tingly sensation as your soul starts leaving your body; its completely red eyes make it seem like something out of an urban legend, but in this version of the story I don’t going anywhere near it and everything works out fine.

#5 – Mangled

The creepiest thing about a doll is usually its eyes, but in the case this doll that’s all you need. Not only does this doll have some insane peepers, but its body was pretty banged up too. This doll is named Harold, and was sold online, which lead to some reported paranormal activity: some of the owners said that Harold would smile at them, visibly move his lips, and they would feel incredibly ill shortly afterward. You won’t get any sympathy out me, when you buy this sort of thing online you always make 100% sure it has some kind of return policy.

#4 – Blank Space

Oh great, the only thing worse than having a creepy doll in your house is having only the doll’s head mounted on a stick. Seriously, why do people keep hanging onto these dolls that don’t have bodies!? There’s not even anything to hug. This doll appears to have been kept by someone whose head was screwed on a little loose to begin. Then again, if I experienced half of the things these doll owners have claimed to have experienced, I’d have scratched out its eyes and removed its head as well. If buying a house and finding something like this inside isn’t a sign that you should leave the residence, I don’t know what is!

#3 – Scarface

This is the kind of gift you would give someone if what you secretly want to give them is a heart attack. Set this doll up in their house without saying anything and watch as they vacate the premises immediately. What will relieve you the most is that someone actually brought this doll (named Mandy) to a Canadian museum, where she has been sitting for the last quarter century. Mandy has reportedly drained the batteries of nearby electronics that get close to her, and nearby dolls have suffered unexplained damage overnight. Many people have said that they’ve seen Mandy move during their visit to the museum, and transparently I’d be moving too: in the opposite direction!

#2 – Looking Through You

Did you just get chills from looking at this doll? If not then you should probably check your pulse. Not only is this doll in a perfectly creepy setting paired with an old-style portrait sitting behind it, but the doll itself is practically hypnotizing. You can actually feel your spine tighten up as this blue eyed antique doll gazes directly past your eyes and into your soul. There isn’t a sane person out there that would keep this thing with them in the room where sleep, heck I wouldn’t risk being in the same state.

#1 – Wrong Street

There’s not much explanation needed about this one here, is there? Alright, so maybe Elmo isn’t the scariest thing in the world, but there were some seriously creepy reports of weird noises that were coming from the “Elmo Knows Your Name” doll. After the parents of one Florida child changed the Elmo doll’s batteries, their blood practically froze when Elmo would start chanting “Kill James” in an optimistic and sing-songy type of voice: yeah it’s scary, but I’m just relived that my name isn’t James (sucks to be that guy though).