This Dog Climbs Into the Tub With the Grace of an Angel


Have you ever tried to get your dog to take a bath? Bathing a dog can be one of the most grueling parts of owning one, and almost none of them are willing to let you do it without a great deal of effort and difficulty. If you were ErnieMiami, the owner of a bulldog named Pancho Alberto, then you wouldn’t have a single problem.

As a bulldog, Pancho has some pretty short legs, but he doesn’t want anybody babying him by lifting him up into the bath; instead, Pancho lifts one leg over the other and tries to get in as gracefully as he can.

As you can probably guess, Pancho has a little bit of trouble and knocks over some shampoo bottles, but that doesn’t cause any major collateral damage. Why is this dog so easy to get into the tub? Maybe the reggae music in the background is soothing to him. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely adorable to see him plop in. It’s times like these where you can just appreciate the grace and majesty of the animal kingdom.  Check out the hilarious video of Pancho getting ready below.