14 Dogs Looking Extremely Guilty


We all love our dogs no matter what, and it’s the type of unconditional love that you usually only reserve for family members, but we all consider our dogs one of the family. For every bit of love and affection dogs give you, there is usually an equal amount of grief and trouble. Dogs can seemingly do everything in their power to make you upset, but you can’t help but forgive them when they give you those sweet, puppy dog eyes. For everything that a dog does right, there are definitely moments where something has gone awry, and they try to deny it.

Dogs know when they’ve done something bad, and usually have a look of immense regret and guilt on their face, begging for forgiveness. But don’t be fooled, not every canine is as remorseful as they seem; why some relish the moment and your struggle, but you would never know it by looking at their loving, innocent faces. Some dogs have trashed houses, and tortured small animals, only to feel really bad about it later, but it wouldn’t be so bad if at the very least, they cleaned up their mess. Here are 14 dogs looking extremely suspicious and guilty.

#14 – Uh Oh

Curiosity killed the cat, right? In the case of this dog’s curiosity, pillows have been torn apart and their fluffy innards strewn about the house in search of a light meal. I’m sure the dog was told that they were filled with evil and they were just protecting us, right? Luckily, it was just a feather pillow and not some sort of bird, although if it was, you could always blame it on video game violence: dang Duck Hunt influencing our pets. At the very least, these owners won’t forget to fill the food bowl after this.

#13 – Which One?

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One dog appears to be excited that their owner is home, however, the other one, not so much. Whatever that dog got into, you can be sure that it wasn’t “fab” at all. Wait a second. What if the poor dog is only guilty of witnessing a crime? This could be a textbook case of doggy profiling! No matter the case. when the owner finds out what’s going on, whichever pup is responsible is definitely going to be in the doghouse. Those alert ears are far too suspicious…

#12 – Sorry

Dogs of any size can look super cute when guilty, and this is definitely exhibit A. No matter how large a dog gets, they will always be your puppy, and the look on this big ol’ lug is proof of the innocence of youth. The poor dog is burying its face so deep in its paws that their face is practically melting. Stay calm pup, and pray that they don’t think about getting a cat, but not that they could with those sweet, soulful puppy eyes.

#11 – I Did It

When puppies feel really guilty, they mostly tilt their head down, and look up at you with those big, loving eyes that say, “I messed up pretty bad, didn’t I? But I’m sorry.” This little pup knows he’s in big trouble, but this is probably saving him some punishment. Heck, this look is probably saving him from a lifetime of punishment. Every time his owners become upset with him, they’ll just remember that sweet puppy giving them the look of shame. Smart move pup, smart move.

#10 – It Was Him

A picture says a thousand words, but now that picture has been torn into a thousand pieces. We may have a prime suspect and witness here. This will definitely not be a case of mistaken identity as before. The writing’s on the wall…er, floor: all over the floor, in fact. Perhaps the newspaper itself was speaking of an even larger crime with an illegal dog syndicate. We’re getting on to you dogs. It’s only a matter of time until we find out what dogs worldwide are planning. Mark my words–but don’t really, please…there’s a big enough mess already.

#9 – My Bad

Ah, the familiar sight of fluff lying all over the house. This adorable puppy is still learning the ropes of his new home, but it seems like he didn’t get the memo about not tearing up the furniture. Sadly, that poor dog probably tore up his own bed. Now where will he sleep? The only available bedding option is most likely your very own bedroom. Do yourself a favor and don’t look in the bedroom because you may regret what you find within. Oh god, it looks like the Marshmallow Man exploded.

#8 – Team Effort

These two both look guilty, but it seems one had a bigger hand in this fiasco. The first dog seems to be pleading innocence, but he who tracks the mud with his feet, will not receive his favorite treat. Meanwhile, the accomplice in these dirt-filled shenanigans is lying on the ground, hiding their dirty feet and probably more evidence. This may seem like a petty crime, but make no mistake, this is only the beginning of their crime spree. Better start looking into plastic plants to prevent this dynamic duo from clay-defacing your floor.

#7 – Please Have Mercy

This dog is attempting to look innocent by lying down, as he waits for his master to come home, but there is clearly something afoot here. There is no apparent mess to be seen, so this clever canine must be hiding the evidence under himself or maybe that conspicuously placed rug. Look at those shifting eyes. Those eyes speak for a most terrible deed that has been done. Just what sort of disaster could warrant such an exceptionally shady reaction. My best guess? Breaking and entering without due paws.

#6 – Presents

It must be hard being a dog, always sleeping and drinking out of toilet bowls. I would like to think that a dog’s mischief is simply a misunderstanding. Clearly what we have on display here is a classic case of framing, but by what, seems to be the ultimate clue: a trashcan lid. Maybe this poor guy was just trying to find a present for his owner when he was caught, but the owner hated the gift for one reason: the dog’s tastes were garbage.

#5 – Corner Dog

This dog couldn’t escape the house in time after he had made a mess, and is going to the one spot that dogs seem to think is safe from punishment: the corner. To a dog, everything is easier to deal with if you just hide your face for a while. While most people try to run away from their problems, dog’s always seem to corner themselves when faced with repercussions. It’s not like you can blame the poor pup for being scared, at least, not with those eyes.

#4 – Pug Eyes

Dogs are well known to make a mess of things. In fact, some canine breeds have enough energy to make it look like a bomb detonated in your house, and this little one is clearly guilty of planting one because the face buried into the floor, and the wandering eyes suggest that there may be a situation somewhere in the house. Luckily a “pug on the rug” is a free ticket to ride, and this pup will no doubt go on to commit more doggy deeds. Look at his adorable wrinkly face, it’s impossible to not forgive such a sweetheart.

#3 – “I did something bad.”

This poor pooch knows that he’s in trouble, and he’s trying his very best to hide his guilt and shame behind the couch. The dog doesn’t seem to realize that he isn’t doing a very good job of hiding, especially since he keeps taking a peek to see if you are really looking for him. Bulldogs are so adorable when they’re guilty, but that isn’t getting you out of this one pal. Maybe the next one, but definitely not this one. OK, maybe just this one time…

#2 – Partners in Crime

It’s bad for a dog when there’s a witness to its heinous activities, and this one’s little buddy just called him out in a line up of one. Perhaps we have finally found the ringleader of the canine crime syndicate. Look at that “Who me? Couldn’t be!” face he is making. This dog’s face reeks of guilt. I wonder what this pooch is guilty of because whatever it is, that brave young man has incriminated him for it. I would run while you still can. The jig is up boys!

#1 – Yes, it was me

Whenever we lie or mess something up we tend to put on our best poker faces, and it would seem that nothing is different in the animal kingdom. This career criminal’s face screams of guilt. What dastardly scheme could this canine be plotting? What manner of foulness did this pup commit?  Just tell us, dog, what did you do this time? Actually, I think this pup just has to sneeze, either that or he has an allergy: an allergy to justice! Book ‘Em Dino.