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10 Easter Eggs You Never Noticed in Mega Hollywood Blockbusters

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In just about every movie, small details gloss over the casual viewer: a poster in the fore-ground, an image in the background, a famous extra. But for the repeat viewer, these details become more and more apparent.

The so-called Easter eggs are prevalent in just about every movie and television show. But why do filmmakers put them in? Are they to foreshadow future sequels? Or are they to keep cult fans entertained? Or maybe – just maybe – directors and producers were just downright bored!

Regardless, filmmakers add their own hidden gems to movies, hoping their viewers and fans will notice. Fans take their findings to online forums and speculate on the filmmaker’s intentions. But what do these Easter eggs mean? Are they foreshadowing the next movie to come? Or are they completely accidental? This list takes a look at ten movie Easter eggs that may not be apparent to the viewer – but has a major impact on the movie, and possibly the sequels to come.

28 Disney Easter Eggs

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Many major studios love to scatter jokes and references, more commonly known as “Easter Eggs,” throughout their movies. It could be argued that no production company is better known for their Easter Eggs than the world famous Disney. While a popular thing for people to do is look for the hidden Mickeys that have been scattered throughout the popular Disney parks and movies, there are many more Easter Eggs to catch along the way: from well-known characters popping up in other movies to references of real locations, Disney has been great at sneaking in tributes to their previous works.

Thankfully, there’s no need to go back and re-watch every Disney film to see all the Easter Eggs. Thanks to the internet, the Easter Eggs Disney has slipped in over the past few decades have already been collected and compiled! Some of these have been known for years but a few will undoubtedly catch you off guard. We have found 28 Disney Easter Eggs for you in the list below; how many of them did you catch?