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12 Dads Who Will Stop at Nothing to Make Their Daughters Happy

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To all the girls out there: you may not appreciate your daddy as much as you should, but he sure loves the heck out of you. There are some bad dads out there, but most fathers would do anything for their little girl, even if it means going to see that certain boy band that they like or take them on a fashion spree at Hot Topic.

It’s a thing of beauty to see these dads go that extra mile in public, mustering up all of their courage and strength to face the hoards of teenage rebellion. Many brave men suffer unspeakable horrors in their pursuit of expressing their unconditional love, but how far will they go?

They may sometimes wear their sandals with socks or wear that stupid polo you hate (you know the one), but one thing is for certain: their daughters are the most important thing in their life. Let’s find out what 12 brave knights of fatherhood went through in their unwavering dedication to their offspring. Just remember at the end to pour one out for our fallen soldiers, and may their grasses be green and there be commercial-free sports on every channel. Here are 12 Dads who will stop at nothing to make their daughters happy.

20 Parents That Are Master Trolls

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You hear a lot about trolling these days on the internet. The true originators of trolling in our generation is the generation that spawned us; the ones we learned all of our sweet cynical, sarcastic tricks from: our parents. Our parents were the ones in charge of playing pranks on you, your siblings, and your friends, in an effort to embarrass you and assert their dominance as the true masters of griefing. Our parents have had generations of mastery come before them, that have molded their trolling skills into our worst nightmare: mom and dad jokes.

Parental pranks unfortunately don’t magically end after you turn 18, or even when you move out of your parents’ house: they keep doing it forever! Some parents have mastered the art of trolling, and to our greatest dismay and humiliation are proficient enough with technology to display it online for all to see. Here are 20 parents that are master level trolls, and their unfortunate children who had to suffer for our amusement.

16 Life Threatening Selfies Gone Terribly Wrong

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People everywhere are obsessed with selfies, in fact there are even competitions to see who could take the best one. For some selfie takers, it’s an art form, and even Kim Kardashian is planning on releasing a photo book titled, “#SELFIE,” that serves as a gallery of the self photos. It’s an annoying trend of modern society, but we’d be liars if we said we never did it ourselves. The worst part about selfies has to be that people call pretty much every picture a selfie if it includes them, regardless if there are other people in the picture or not.

Then there are those who are so dedicated to taking the perfect selfie that they put their lives in danger; some ended so badly that they made the news, and others ended even worse: with their deaths. Why would someone risk their lives for a picture? For their 15 minutes of fame of course. Here are 16 selfies that started out innocent and ended up going terribly wrong–all for the sake of internet stardom.

The 22 Most Moronic Tattoos of All Time

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Getting a tattoo is becoming more and more common these days. Tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes, but very few have any semblance of quality craftsmanship. Though the select few that are quality are works of art on par with what you would find in the Louvre, most tattoos tend to be mistakes. Many tats look like the scribblings of a 5 year old on their very first coloring work, with absolutely terrible linework and the coloring more closely resembles a wound, than “art.”

We have poorly done portraits and misspelled passages withing this list, to name a few awful designs. Some of the art in these photos tried too hard to be tasteful, and ended up being a complete mess. Many people get tattoos with the best of intentions: to commemorate a friend or loved one, or even wear their ideals on their “sleeve,” and that’s why it’s such a shame when the end result is nothing more than sludge. Here are 22 photos of tattoos that are not only moronic, but a testament to poor craftsmanship and poor choices.

10 of the Worst Photoshop Fails Ever

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Ah the beauty of a great picture. Pictures these days can take on a life of their own thanks to a simple enhancing mechanic known as Photoshop. Photoshop is a glorious thing–primarily because of those who abuse it. Back in the day we had to touch up photos the old fashioned way, but that took too long and was far too easy to screw up! These days you can ruin a photo with a simple click and some misplaced vanity.

More often than not, people can spot a Photoshopped picture instantly, and that’s especially the case with these handful of photos. This is a cautionary tale to those thinking the internet is as gullible as they happen to be. Not all those who use Photoshop can master its intricacies, as clearly evidenced below. When you gaze upon these masterful works of art, all you will be able to do is face palm yourself into oblivion, so be warned: the following failures are not for the pregnant or the faint of heart. Here are 10 of the worst Photoshop fails ever.