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Bad Parenting: 16 Hysterical Photos of Kids Who Clearly Hate Shopping

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For some people, shopping has become a therapeutic activity that they find comfort and relaxation in when everything gets a bit too stressful. Although shopping can take the edge off of a rough day, it’s easy to get anxious when other shoppers have brought along their kids. Sure, some kids behave like angels, act polite, and don’t throw tantrums…but what about those that scream bloody murder whenever they get bored?

No one likes the sound of crying babies; it’s enough to split your ear drums and cause you to begin contemplating dark thoughts you never knew you had in you. If you prefer crying kids over smiling ones, then it might be time to schedule an appointment at the local therapist yourself. Not everyone shows their displeasure in the same way, however, and some kids who dislike shopping will wind up doing the funniest things to make their time in hell just a little more enjoyable. Here are the top 16 kids who I wish were around for my amusement during my horrible shopping days.

12 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Really Original

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Marriage is no joke: even after you get past the realization you are spending the rest of your life with someone and will always be around them, everything suddenly becomes very stressful and very expensive. Luckily when you’re a happy couple you can always add your own flair to everything and make it your own; you have the freedom to be as cheeky as you want! For instance, you can always dance your way down the aisle of your ceremony, or sew your own marriage garments.

Don’t have the skills for that? Easy! Go online and order a funny wedding cake topper instead, you know, to symbolize the relationship the two of you have: it’s a hilarious idea and totally Instagram-worthy. Many couples have had their own toppers make to make homage to a running joke in their relationship, but which toppers have been the most original? Here are the top 16 original and funny wedding cake toppers that you can steal and use for your own wedding!

12 Hilarious Messages from Management That Shame Their Mischievous Employee, Shane

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Management leaders usually put up with A LOT of attitude and complaints from their employees: just think about all the stupid co-workers you’ve had in the past; I’m sure you can’t help but feel sorry for the people who have had to manage those idiots. Aside from making sure the business isn’t bleeding money, managers have to try and keep their workers in line, and in some cases, that is a lot easier said than done; this is where a certain Walmart deli worker named only as “Shane” comes in.

A Reddit user named “ArdentLeprechaun,” Shane’s co-worker, shared photos of their management’s whiteboard messages aimed at correcting Shane’s abhorrent behavior. Shane is the best of the worst when it comes to hilarious office antics, and no matter what he gets told, he seems to have something else up his sleeve. Think you’ve seen what it’s like when things get as bad as they can on the job? I assure you that Shane has made the lives of his co-workers absolutely maddening. Check out these 12 hilarious messages from management that shame their mischievous employee, Shane!

16 Stick Figure Bumper Stickers That Are Actually Funny

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A lot of people use their cars as a way to send a personal message to other drivers about their own beliefs, but some people use them as a way to show off their family values. If you drive to work frequently, and get stuck at traffic during the commute, then you’re quite familiar with those stick figure family stickers on the back of cars. Too many families like to portray their perfect little life on bumper stickers, but some eccentric people use them for more humorous purposes.

Thankfully, the clever people who put their own twists on that stupid bumper sticker craze also share their cars on the internet, or someone else actually gets a chuckle out of it, and takes a picture themselves. There are those who replace their stick figure family with pets instead of children, or those that use aliens and zombies in place of human stick figures. Here are people who turned something dated into something funny and actually worth looking at, with 16 stick figure bumper stickers that are actually funny.

This Dog Climbs Into the Tub With the Grace of an Angel

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Have you ever tried to get your dog to take a bath? Bathing a dog can be one of the most grueling parts of owning one, and almost none of them are willing to let you do it without a great deal of effort and difficulty. If you were ErnieMiami, the owner of a bulldog named Pancho Alberto, then you wouldn’t have a single problem.

As a bulldog, Pancho has some pretty short legs, but he doesn’t want anybody babying him by lifting him up into the bath; instead, Pancho lifts one leg over the other and tries to get in as gracefully as he can.

As you can probably guess, Pancho has a little bit of trouble and knocks over some shampoo bottles, but that doesn’t cause any major collateral damage. Why is this dog so easy to get into the tub? Maybe the reggae music in the background is soothing to him. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely adorable to see him plop in. It’s times like these where you can just appreciate the grace and majesty of the animal kingdom.  Check out the hilarious video of Pancho getting ready below.

20 People Whose Days Sucks Worse Than Yours

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Have you ever just had a truly terrible day and thought to yourself that nobody in the world has it worse than you? Well, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Sure, you may have gotten a parking ticket and were late for work, but that’s nothing compared to the day that some people are going through. There are some people where everything seems to be against them.

For the least fortunate of us, Murphy’s Law is in full effect. When you step on a crack nothing happens, but when the unluckiest of people do, they will probably break more than just their mothers back. In the list below are some of the unluckiest people in the world. A simple day for them can end up costing of fortune due to “everything that can go wrong will go wrong,” and believe us, everything does indeed go wrong for these poor souls. Here are 20 people who are having days that make your bad day look like a walk in the park.

16 Totally Inappropriate and Hilarious Drawings From Kids

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Kids are hilarious sometimes mostly due to the fact that they have no clue what they are doing. When teachers asks their young students to draw a picture in class, the results are usually a jumbled mess of stick figures and smiling suns. Most of these drawings are pretty normal, if not a little rough on the eyes, but nothing worth a second glance or ridicule. Children truly are innocent, and uncorrupted by the world, but sometimes that means they don’t filter what they truly think or feel about something or someone

Once in a while your child will bring home a drawing that will make you question their sanity, and phone a psychiatrist while trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with them. As much as we’d like to think that our children are capable of no wrong, there are definitely times when what comes from their crayons will leave our jaws on the floor. Below are 16 totally inappropriate and hilarious drawings from kids, that were hopefully unintentional.

12 “Then Vs. Now” Moments That Hit the Nail on the Head

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Are you one of those people that still believes 1995 was 10 years ago? Unfortunately for all those stuck in the past, it’s been 20 years now since OJ Simpson was found innocent. It can be hard to remember what times were like back in your childhood compared to the present; a lot has changed since the days of our youth, and some of it will be pretty hard to wrap your head around. It’s hard to imagine just how far humans have progressed.

Take a look at your phone; 20 years ago you couldn’t even imagine having the internet in your pocket, and now you have that and so much more. You have a full library of knowledge in the palm of your hand, and we use it to see how things once were. Take a look at what has changed over the past two decades or so, and wow yourself with these 12 “Then vs. Now” moments that really hit the nail on the head.

30 Church Signs That Are Funnier Than Hell

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Have you ever noticed how most church signs that you see are basically saying the same thing? Most church signs offer the time of their service, dates of special events, and the occasional warning to all of us of the end of days or how we are all sinners going straight to hell. However serious church signs used to be, even church’s are beginning to realize the power that comes from having a sense of humor. From free viral marketing to genuine incentive to stop on in, church sign’s are a great way to communicate with the commune.

The power of Christ may compel some to attend church, but others may need something a bit more powerful as incentive to convert: the power of advertising! Church’s have found a great niche in their signs, and people have been taking notice. Some of these are hilarious and others are downright sinful, so without further adieu, here are 30 church signs that ended up being funnier than hell.

20 Examples of Hilariously Faulty Video Game Logic

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Video games are a great way to escape from reality for a little bit (or a lotta bit if you are like me). If you’ve ever wanted to live the life of your favorite sports star, or even just run people down in your favorite sports car, you can essentially do anything that you’ve ever dreamed of in the virtual world of video games. No matter the game, you can get absorbed into the world and become anything, or anyone, that you want. The only limit is your imagination, well, imagination and some seriously hilarious logical fallacies.

Video games leave you suspended in disbelief while playing them, and a lot of that has to do with the hilariously faulty logic that they have; they can simultaneously be the most advanced piece of technology you have, and the most broken, worthless bit of tech. Video games do a lot of things right, but sometimes the things they do wrong are hysterical. Here are 20 examples of video game logic that make absolutely no sense at all, and we love them for it.

10 Hilariously Evil Things Gamers Did in “The Sims”

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“The Sims” is one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time, and is created by the huge company “EA.” It’s a life simulator where you basically play as God ruling over a bunch of virtual people, and let’s just say that a majority of the human race that play it  are closet sociopaths. Some people let their sims die in horrific “accidents” while others create elaborate horrible lives for their characters to suffer through (all for their sick entertainment).

People have done a lot of truly evil things while playing “The Sims,” and some of them are just hilarious because of how needlessly cruel they are. Even though the game wasn’t designed with punishment in mind, each installment in the series offers new possibilities to rain havoc down on your virtual humans. But what are the downright evilest things that players have done to their virtual families? Here are the top 10 hilariously evil things that gamers have done while playing “The Sims.”

The 14 Best Comebacks Via Text of All-Time

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Texting has forever altered the way we communicate. In the past, we would call someone for a dispute, and have to think of responses on the spot, completely impulsively with little thought. Nothing is worse than when you think of a great comeback long after someone burns you bad; there are multiple sitcom episodes about that very situation, and everyone knows how long a missed comeback can haunt you for. Technology has come to save the day, however, and since the advent of texting, the era of perfect comebacks is upon us!

The good news is that since we are always texting, you don’t have to come up with a snappy retort right then and there, instead, you can take your time, and text back when you have your dastardly concoction good and ready. The internet is full of some of the best comebacks, and we’re happy they have finally made their rounds to us. Without further delay, here are 14 of the best comebacks via text of all-time.