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14 Dogs Looking Extremely Guilty

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We all love our dogs no matter what, and it’s the type of unconditional love that you usually only reserve for family members, but we all consider our dogs one of the family.¬†For every bit of love and affection dogs give you, there is usually an equal amount of grief and trouble. Dogs can seemingly do everything in their power to make you upset, but you can’t help but forgive them when they give you those sweet, puppy dog eyes. For everything that a dog does right, there are definitely moments where something has gone awry, and they try to deny it.

Dogs know when they’ve done something bad, and usually have a look of immense regret and guilt on their face, begging for forgiveness. But don’t be fooled, not every canine is as remorseful as they seem; why some relish the moment and your struggle, but you would never know it by looking at their loving, innocent faces. Some dogs have trashed houses, and tortured small animals, only to feel really bad about it later, but it wouldn’t be so bad if at the very least, they cleaned up their mess. Here are 14 dogs looking extremely suspicious and guilty.