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Bad Parenting: 16 Hysterical Photos of Kids Who Clearly Hate Shopping

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For some people, shopping has become a therapeutic activity that they find comfort and relaxation in when everything gets a bit too stressful. Although shopping can take the edge off of a rough day, it’s easy to get anxious when other shoppers have brought along their kids. Sure, some kids behave like angels, act polite, and don’t throw tantrums…but what about those that scream bloody murder whenever they get bored?

No one likes the sound of crying babies; it’s enough to split your ear drums and cause you to begin contemplating dark thoughts you never knew you had in you. If you prefer crying kids over smiling ones, then it might be time to schedule an appointment at the local therapist yourself. Not everyone shows their displeasure in the same way, however, and some kids who dislike shopping will wind up doing the funniest things to make their time in hell just a little more enjoyable. Here are the top 16 kids who I wish were around for my amusement during my horrible shopping days.

These Parents Share Advice on Raising Kids and It Will Make You Emotional

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Any new parent tries to learn as much as they can before their bundle of joy arrives, but no advice will really prepare them for the real deal. Taking care of a child is an extremely hard task, and a 24/7 job that will drive you insane– in a good way, of course. You could be crying from lack of sleep, but immediately start smiling like a maniac when your kid does something amazing or even as simple as smiling at you. Parenthood is a blessed wonder that few can really come to appreciate. To raise a life of your own is a truly reward task that only those that have undergone such hardships can understand.

Watch this video and be introduced to the wonders of parenthood; it’s a dirty job, especially considering that you have to chase a little human being around, that inexplicably, seems to be drawn to dirt and filth like a magnet. Sometimes, you have to take the good with the bad, and that’s what parenting is all about. It may take years for us to understand, and maybe we never will, but at least these few can share their amazing parenting experiences with us. Parenthood may not be the easiest job, but it’s the the most rewarding job in the world.

16 Totally Inappropriate and Hilarious Drawings From Kids

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Kids are hilarious sometimes mostly due to the fact that they have no clue what they are doing. When teachers asks their young students to draw a picture in class, the results are usually a jumbled mess of stick figures and smiling suns. Most of these drawings are pretty normal, if not a little rough on the eyes, but nothing worth a second glance or ridicule. Children truly are innocent, and uncorrupted by the world, but sometimes that means they don’t filter what they truly think or feel about something or someone

Once in a while your child will bring home a drawing that will make you question their sanity, and phone a psychiatrist while trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with them. As much as we’d like to think that our children are capable of no wrong, there are definitely times when what comes from their crayons will leave our jaws on the floor. Below are 16 totally inappropriate and hilarious drawings from kids, that were hopefully unintentional.

13 Funniest Spelling Errors Made By Children

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You have to give children a break when they are writing, especially since they are just learning because becoming literate can be a long and tiresome process. There are many spelling errors children will make on the path to scholastic excellence, but it won’t stop us from making fun of them in the mean time. Children will always be an unexpected form of entertainment, with how a seemingly innocuous story can be warped by poor grammar and spelling.

For the most part, spelling errors are harmless and can easily be corrected, but once in a while, a spelling error is so bad that you can’t help but laugh when you see it (you just may not want to do it around the child). Even worse, sometimes a child’s spelling errors on an assignment are so grievous, that you may need to sit them down and have “the talk” with them after reading what was written. Here are 13 of the funniest spelling errors that ended up being incredibly offensive, and maybe not entirely accidental.