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12 Hilarious Messages from Management That Shame Their Mischievous Employee, Shane

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Management leaders usually put up with A LOT of attitude and complaints from their employees: just think about all the stupid co-workers you’ve had in the past; I’m sure you can’t help but feel sorry for the people who have had to manage those idiots. Aside from making sure the business isn’t bleeding money, managers have to try and keep their workers in line, and in some cases, that is a lot easier said than done; this is where a certain Walmart deli worker named only as “Shane” comes in.

A Reddit user named “ArdentLeprechaun,” Shane’s co-worker, shared photos of their management’s whiteboard messages aimed at correcting Shane’s abhorrent behavior. Shane is the best of the worst when it comes to hilarious office antics, and no matter what he gets told, he seems to have something else up his sleeve. Think you’ve seen what it’s like when things get as bad as they can on the job? I assure you that Shane has made the lives of his co-workers absolutely maddening. Check out these 12 hilarious messages from management that shame their mischievous employee, Shane!