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Bad Parenting: 16 Hysterical Photos of Kids Who Clearly Hate Shopping

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For some people, shopping has become a therapeutic activity that they find comfort and relaxation in when everything gets a bit too stressful. Although shopping can take the edge off of a rough day, it’s easy to get anxious when other shoppers have brought along their kids. Sure, some kids behave like angels, act polite, and don’t throw tantrums…but what about those that scream bloody murder whenever they get bored?

No one likes the sound of crying babies; it’s enough to split your ear drums and cause you to begin contemplating dark thoughts you never knew you had in you. If you prefer crying kids over smiling ones, then it might be time to schedule an appointment at the local therapist yourself. Not everyone shows their displeasure in the same way, however, and some kids who dislike shopping will wind up doing the funniest things to make their time in hell just a little more enjoyable. Here are the top 16 kids who I wish were around for my amusement during my horrible shopping days.

12 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Really Original

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Marriage is no joke: even after you get past the realization you are spending the rest of your life with someone and will always be around them, everything suddenly becomes very stressful and very expensive. Luckily when you’re a happy couple you can always add your own flair to everything and make it your own; you have the freedom to be as cheeky as you want! For instance, you can always dance your way down the aisle of your ceremony, or sew your own marriage garments.

Don’t have the skills for that? Easy! Go online and order a funny wedding cake topper instead, you know, to symbolize the relationship the two of you have: it’s a hilarious idea and totally Instagram-worthy. Many couples have had their own toppers make to make homage to a running joke in their relationship, but which toppers have been the most original? Here are the top 16 original and funny wedding cake toppers that you can steal and use for your own wedding!

12 Hilarious Messages from Management That Shame Their Mischievous Employee, Shane

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Management leaders usually put up with A LOT of attitude and complaints from their employees: just think about all the stupid co-workers you’ve had in the past; I’m sure you can’t help but feel sorry for the people who have had to manage those idiots. Aside from making sure the business isn’t bleeding money, managers have to try and keep their workers in line, and in some cases, that is a lot easier said than done; this is where a certain Walmart deli worker named only as “Shane” comes in.

A Reddit user named “ArdentLeprechaun,” Shane’s co-worker, shared photos of their management’s whiteboard messages aimed at correcting Shane’s abhorrent behavior. Shane is the best of the worst when it comes to hilarious office antics, and no matter what he gets told, he seems to have something else up his sleeve. Think you’ve seen what it’s like when things get as bad as they can on the job? I assure you that Shane has made the lives of his co-workers absolutely maddening. Check out these 12 hilarious messages from management that shame their mischievous employee, Shane!

16 Celeb Photo Re-creations That Put the Original to Shame

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Liam Martin, or waverider_ on Instagram, is a teenage boy from New Zealand that recreates celebrity photos to almost 100% accuracy using makeup, household items, and a little bit of ingenuity; he uses everything from wigs to noodles to create his glamorous effect, and he even recreates the celeb’s anatomy where it is necessary. Liam is one of the more talented people on the internet, and his photo’s are not only hilarious, but they prove that the celeb look can be achieved if you believe (if the look you’re going for is just a tad different than the original, that is).

Liam has recreated looks from the hottest current celebs, and from some of the boldest pictures. Only Martin knows which celeb he’ll be doing next, but the ones on display here are definitely some of his best, and totally worth your attention. Being a celeb is difficult, but Liam proves that anyone can at least look like one in these amazing re-creations that Liam has done! Here are 16 celeb photo re-creations that put the original to shame.

16 Game of Thrones Pick up Lines That Are Sure to Win Any Fan’s Heart

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Game of Thrones is one of the most stressful series to ever exist on television, and if you are an avid fan of the show like I am, you would know the anxiety that comes whenever a new episode arrives—you’ll never know who’s going to die or who’s betrayed next; in order to make up for all that anxiety, GoT fans try to find humor in the sad fates of their favorite cast. However, there is one sad fate that many people in Westeros, and the real world, share: the inability to find a date.

Over the years, we have seen many relationships grow in GoT, only to have many of them end in heartbreak or tragedy, which is unfortunately, just like the real world. We may not be able to find dates, but maybe the cast of Game of Thrones can help us out a bit: any luck is better than no luck, am I right? These 16 pick-up lines inspired by events, and characters from the show are sure to leave you giggling but a word of caution…

Spoilers may be included.

12 Dads Who Will Stop at Nothing to Make Their Daughters Happy

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To all the girls out there: you may not appreciate your daddy as much as you should, but he sure loves the heck out of you. There are some bad dads out there, but most fathers would do anything for their little girl, even if it means going to see that certain boy band that they like or take them on a fashion spree at Hot Topic.

It’s a thing of beauty to see these dads go that extra mile in public, mustering up all of their courage and strength to face the hoards of teenage rebellion. Many brave men suffer unspeakable horrors in their pursuit of expressing their unconditional love, but how far will they go?

They may sometimes wear their sandals with socks or wear that stupid polo you hate (you know the one), but one thing is for certain: their daughters are the most important thing in their life. Let’s find out what 12 brave knights of fatherhood went through in their unwavering dedication to their offspring. Just remember at the end to pour one out for our fallen soldiers, and may their grasses be green and there be commercial-free sports on every channel. Here are 12 Dads who will stop at nothing to make their daughters happy.

Celebrity Name Doppelgangers Have a Surprise Meeting on Facebook

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If you have never heard of Humans of New York: it’s a photoblog that is shared online, and also a bestselling book. It details the lives of average people living in the largest city of America: New York City. Humans of New York was founded by Brandon Stanton in 2010, and has a large online media following of 12+ million likes on Facebook, and nearly 3 million followers on Instagram.

Many of the people showcased on Humans of New York have either an amazing story to tell, or pretty mundane lives: either way you learn much about the people living in New York City. One story in particular, and the response that came from it, surprised Stanton the most; it all started when he interviewed a girl named Beyonce.

Being named after the famous pop star, Beyonce described what it was like growing up with her popular name. She tells Stanton: “Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person. When the teacher started calling attendance I got really nervous; every time people learn my name is Beyoncé somebody starts singing ‘Single Ladies’: and of course some did. But the second day of school wasn’t too bad, because everyone knew my name.“


Within the hour of Stanton’s post the flood gates were opened, and the comments that followed were a convention of others with famous names. Everyone from Will Smith to Jennifer Lopez chimed in with feelings of empathy, and even someone named Mayo Naise added: “try being named after a condiment.”

The amount of people with famous names was a complete shock to the followers of Humans of New York, and some of them were hilarious; even former Destiny’s Child member “Kelly Rowland” popped in with: “I feel you honey!!”

As it turns out, having a famous name may not be the best thing after all. I suppose the best course of action would be to make the name you have famous, then to be born with one. At least we can all get a giggle from some of these outlandish names. The famous names that appeared had us dying of laughter: here are some of the best comments from all the single ladies that replied.



14 Celebrities With Crazy Doppelgangers

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Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone they know? It is theorized that every person has at least one other that looks extremely similar to them, if not identical. Celebrities’ lookalikes are interesting because stars are in an industry where their looks are sacred, but they have “extras” that, by definition, need to look like them. Many celebrities in Hollywood follow similar facial archetypes, so it would be easy to assume that many of them could have a “twin” out there. Celebs may have their fair share of people that look like them, but it’s not so often that their doppelgangers are hundreds of years older.

Some lookalikes are so dead on, you would think that celebrities are really time travelers; some crazy fan theories have even emerged about certain actors carrying a painting of themselves in an attic that preserves their age.  Which celebrities have the most convincing doppelganger? Here are the top 14 most notable celebrities, and their somewhat anonymous historical lookalikes.

13 Funniest Spelling Errors Made By Children

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You have to give children a break when they are writing, especially since they are just learning because becoming literate can be a long and tiresome process. There are many spelling errors children will make on the path to scholastic excellence, but it won’t stop us from making fun of them in the mean time. Children will always be an unexpected form of entertainment, with how a seemingly innocuous story can be warped by poor grammar and spelling.

For the most part, spelling errors are harmless and can easily be corrected, but once in a while, a spelling error is so bad that you can’t help but laugh when you see it (you just may not want to do it around the child). Even worse, sometimes a child’s spelling errors on an assignment are so grievous, that you may need to sit them down and have “the talk” with them after reading what was written. Here are 13 of the funniest spelling errors that ended up being incredibly offensive, and maybe not entirely accidental.

16 Life Threatening Selfies Gone Terribly Wrong

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People everywhere are obsessed with selfies, in fact there are even competitions to see who could take the best one. For some selfie takers, it’s an art form, and even Kim Kardashian is planning on releasing a photo book titled, “#SELFIE,” that serves as a gallery of the self photos. It’s an annoying trend of modern society, but we’d be liars if we said we never did it ourselves. The worst part about selfies has to be that people call pretty much every picture a selfie if it includes them, regardless if there are other people in the picture or not.

Then there are those who are so dedicated to taking the perfect selfie that they put their lives in danger; some ended so badly that they made the news, and others ended even worse: with their deaths. Why would someone risk their lives for a picture? For their 15 minutes of fame of course. Here are 16 selfies that started out innocent and ended up going terribly wrong–all for the sake of internet stardom.

10 of the Worst Photoshop Fails Ever

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Ah the beauty of a great picture. Pictures these days can take on a life of their own thanks to a simple enhancing mechanic known as Photoshop. Photoshop is a glorious thing–primarily because of those who abuse it. Back in the day we had to touch up photos the old fashioned way, but that took too long and was far too easy to screw up! These days you can ruin a photo with a simple click and some misplaced vanity.

More often than not, people can spot a Photoshopped picture instantly, and that’s especially the case with these handful of photos. This is a cautionary tale to those thinking the internet is as gullible as they happen to be. Not all those who use Photoshop can master its intricacies, as clearly evidenced below. When you gaze upon these masterful works of art, all you will be able to do is face palm yourself into oblivion, so be warned: the following failures are not for the pregnant or the faint of heart. Here are 10 of the worst Photoshop fails ever.

12 of the Scariest Toys That Were Put on Shelves

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We have all (hopefully) had our fair share of toys during childhood, but most of toys of yesteryear are pretty tame compared to some of the toys around nowadays We all know of the standard toys such as GI Joe, the Transformers, and Barbie that brought us tons of happiness, but there are some toys out there that only bring repressed childhood memories. There have been some truly evil toys out there that we have yet to see, but unfortunately, we are about to meet several of them in the list below.

There are evil clowns, monsters, and creepy mannequins, but none of those have the terrifying implications of the toys on this list; these monstrosities look like something out of the Island of Malevolent Misfit Toys. The most terrifying and upsetting of playthings are donated to asylums and incinerators, on their way to create a legacy of nightmares, but sometimes, those hellish creations end up on store shelves, and we have compiled a list of 12 of such terrible trinkets. Here are 12 of the scariest toys that were put on shelves.