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20 Hilarious Flyers That Were Put Up By Comedic Geniuses

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Flyers are really helpful for everyone; people who want to advertise their services use them to find potential clients, and people who are looking for missing pets, friends, or family use it as well. However, due to the advent of ever-growing technology and the quick sharing of almost everything on the Internet, fliers are getting a bit obsolete. What will we do with all this space? There are literally thousands of wooden lamp posts going unused!

Thankfully, some comedic geniuses have put their talents to good use and are now utilizing fliers to give everyone a good laugh. Ranging from the incredibly clever “lost and found” ads, do jokes regarding where the flyers are placed, these flyers are bound to give you the giggles. Here are the top 20 examples of hilarious fliers, and why sometimes humor is better if used with an old-school method of spreading the word; you heard it here first, the next big thing will be writing jokes on carrier pigeons.

Man Pranks His Adorable Dog by Swapping out Its Favorite Box

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All pets seem to love hanging out inside empty cardboard boxes, and even if they don’t fit, they’ll find a way to make it work! One particular owner of a Shiba Inu decided to pull a hilarious prank on his dog, and decided to mess around with its favorite box; the owner always keeps the box in his car to help his furry friend feel safe during the drive, and every time they took a car ride together he would switch the box out for a smaller one!

Eventually it came to the point where the dog couldn’t even fit anymore, and the look of sadness and gloom on his poor little face is priceless. Pet pranks are certainly the cutest and most lighthearted pranks on the internet, and this guy seemed to capture the spirit of the joke perfectly. We promise you that if you were having a bad day before, you won’t be after seeing this adorable video. Watch the video below from Shiba Inu Koharu call channel on YouTube to see how the cute little bugger managed to deal with a box nearly a quarter of his size.