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20 Hilarious Flyers That Were Put Up By Comedic Geniuses

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Flyers are really helpful for everyone; people who want to advertise their services use them to find potential clients, and people who are looking for missing pets, friends, or family use it as well. However, due to the advent of ever-growing technology and the quick sharing of almost everything on the Internet, fliers are getting a bit obsolete. What will we do with all this space? There are literally thousands of wooden lamp posts going unused!

Thankfully, some comedic geniuses have put their talents to good use and are now utilizing fliers to give everyone a good laugh. Ranging from the incredibly clever “lost and found” ads, do jokes regarding where the flyers are placed, these flyers are bound to give you the giggles. Here are the top 20 examples of hilarious fliers, and why sometimes humor is better if used with an old-school method of spreading the word; you heard it here first, the next big thing will be writing jokes on carrier pigeons.

16 Hilarious Bar Signs That Will Have You in Stitches

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A business that serves alcohol is almost always a safe financial path, considering there are a lot of people in the world that enjoy drinking. To stand out, a lot of bars have to kick it up a notch, and sometimes when they do, it ends up being so clever that their signs go viral on the Internet. Some of the bar signs out there are cheeky, while others are informative, and the rest provide truth bombs that are as cold as the beer that they’re serving.

In this day an age, virality is one surefire way to stay in business. Hiring someone clever enough to make the signs below, is a great investment for your business, and for everyone else, these signs show us exactly what we want to know: where’s the bar and where’s the beer. We may not be an expert on many things, but we know beer and articles, so this one here is a perfect fit. So sit back, relax, and throwing back a pint or two of your favorite beer because here are 16 bar signs that will have you in stitches.