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16 Stick Figure Bumper Stickers That Are Actually Funny

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A lot of people use their cars as a way to send a personal message to other drivers about their own beliefs, but some people use them as a way to show off their family values. If you drive to work frequently, and get stuck at traffic during the commute, then you’re quite familiar with those stick figure family stickers on the back of cars. Too many families like to portray their perfect little life on bumper stickers, but some eccentric people use them for more humorous purposes.

Thankfully, the clever people who put their own twists on that stupid bumper sticker craze also share their cars on the internet, or someone else actually gets a chuckle out of it, and takes a picture themselves. There are those who replace their stick figure family with pets instead of children, or those that use aliens and zombies in place of human stick figures. Here are people who turned something dated into something funny and actually worth looking at, with 16 stick figure bumper stickers that are actually funny.