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then vs. now

12 “Then Vs. Now” Moments That Hit the Nail on the Head

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Are you one of those people that still believes¬†1995 was 10 years ago? Unfortunately for all those stuck in the past, it’s been 20 years now since OJ Simpson was found innocent. It can be hard to remember what times were like back in your childhood compared to the present; a lot has changed since the days of our youth, and some of it will be pretty hard to wrap your head around. It’s hard to imagine just how far humans have progressed.

Take a look at your phone; 20 years ago you couldn’t even imagine having the internet in your pocket, and now you have that and so much more. You have a full library of knowledge in the palm of your hand, and we use it to see how things once were. Take a look at what has changed over the past two decades or so, and wow yourself with these 12 “Then vs. Now” moments that really hit the nail on the head.