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12 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Really Original

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Marriage is no joke: even after you get past the realization you are spending the rest of your life with someone and will always be around them, everything suddenly becomes very stressful and very expensive. Luckily when you’re a happy couple you can always add your own flair to everything and make it your own; you have the freedom to be as cheeky as you want! For instance, you can always dance your way down the aisle of your ceremony, or sew your own marriage garments.

Don’t have the skills for that? Easy! Go online and order a funny wedding cake topper instead, you know, to symbolize the relationship the two of you have: it’s a hilarious idea and totally Instagram-worthy. Many couples have had their own toppers make to make homage to a running joke in their relationship, but which toppers have been the most original? Here are the top 16 original and funny wedding cake toppers that you can steal and use for your own wedding!