Top 18 Most Hilarious Police Sketch Fails


#18 – Super

Do you remember Ernest from Ernest Goes to Jail? Despite looking like Jim Varney’s twin from the Ernest film franchise, the man pictured on the left is actually not Varney or Ernest at all. Since we only know that the man is a criminal from Minnesota, we’ll call him our John Doe in true police-crime fashion. So how exactly did our John Doe end up a cartoon?

Drawn by the Minnesota Police Department’s only full-time sketch artist, John Doe’s picture looks quite a bit different from the criminal sketch. Somehow, Doe lost both his baseball cap and his uni-brow between being a wanted man and getting caught. Heck, we aren’t even sure how the police managed to find the Minnesota man as the drawing makes him look more like a character from Super Mario Bros. and a lot less like Ernest. Either way, the police were undoubtedly confused and we can’t say we blame them.