Yikes! 19 Hilarious Creatures You Will Only Find Inside a Walmart


It seems like every week something is breaking down, or you need to swing by somewhere to pick up some groceries; you could head to an electronic depot, or stop at your local meat market, but who wants to spend twice as much as you would down at your local Wal-Mart? It’s just so darn convenient! The biggest price you have to pay at Wal-Mart is the price of your dignity, but that’s nothing compared to discount Hot Pockets.

People with a little extra disposable income than the average Joe will avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, and it isn’t difficult to see why: they don’t have to deal with some of the strangest people on the planet. Walking into Wal-Mart will open you up to the weirdest situations imaginable, and has no problem making downtown Las Vegas look like a Mormon convention. But just how wild do the people of Wal-Mart actually get? Well, you asked for it. Here are the 19 hilarious creatures that you can only find at a Wal-Mart.